Our Vision for Economic Development

“Working together to create a sustainable and vibrant Douglas Shire for all.”

Council is committed to supporting the growth, sustainability and diversification of businesses and industries within the Douglas region.

In 2017, Council released its Economic Development Strategy  outlining our vision and work plan until 2021. The strategy is based on extensive consultation with community, best practice research and sounds principles relating to sustainability.

The strategy is currently being reviewed.

The five key priority focus areas that will be a targeted approach to address key challenges and create tangible benefits are:

  • Creating a study, training and entrepreneur incubator centre;
  • Further developing an allied health hub and health tourism;
  • Increasing the resilience of the sugar industry;
  • Developing Douglas Shire Council as Australia’s leader in sustainable development
  • Attracting and facilitating investment

For more information visit the Douglas Shire Council Economic Profile


Our Approach to Economic Development

Council maintains a principle of sustainable (environmental, social and economic) growth in the region.

We work in collaboration with stakeholders to create an environment that supports innovative approaches to attracting investment, securing resources and developing the region.

This will ensure that the opportunities identified in the Economic Development Strategy are realised for the benefit of the Douglas Shire community, visitors and everyone else who values the natural and cultural assets that exist within the region.

Economic Development1

Community Leaders

Council engages community leaders for economic growth via our taskforces, with a focus on improving the social, cultural and environmental standards in our communities.

Council’s role within the local business community is to facilitate effective partnerships and working relationships the Douglas Chamber of Commerce; all levels of Government and non-Government organisations and economic interest groups.

Douglas Shire Council is a strong supporter of the local and regional tourism industry given tourism’s significance to the local economy.

This support is reflected primarily through funding of the local tourism and marketing organisation Tourism Port Douglas Daintree.

Council as well directly supports significant community events and activities such as Port Douglas Carnivale and other prominent calendar events which bring social and economic benefits to the region.

Council works strategically and collaboratively with neighbouring local governments and other relevant organisations to ensure the best outcomes for tourism.

Economic Development Support

Council is committed to provide quality services to customers who include those which are prospective new businesses or investors in our region.

Good governance, planning, maintenance and provision of public infrastructure and facilities by Council are central to creating an environmentally responsible, vibrant and prosperous region. The benefits being twofold; retention of people, jobs and business within the Shire; and also assisting in attracting external investment to the region, new employment opportunities and encourage new residents keen to live in a tropical locale.

Our Supporting Small Business initiatives include resources, tools and funding opportunities to support economic growth and activity.

The Industry Development Fund provides assistance to groups of organisations that are either constituted not-for-profits; or for-profit organisations, with the objectives of developing their industry.

Projects we support will focus on industry expansion, and/or employment and industry growth.

We provide opportunities for local enterprises to engage in business activity with the Shire via our Tenders and Procurement process, and reduction of red tape via the Register of Prequalified Suppliers.

Council has a major works and Projects plan for capital investment to develop the region.

Space Port is a co-working space available A facility for small businesses, tertiary students, organisations needing space to focus on your business, studies; or if needing a small meeting space.

Business training and development opportunities for local business owners or start-ups are available

For more information, visit our Business related pages:

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