Council’s local law enforcement program responds to complaints and concerns, and works to ensure that businesses, residents, builders and developers comply with relevant Local Laws, State legislation and the Douglas Planning Scheme.  It also plays an important role in engaging and educating the community about the laws and regulations which guide our activities as responsible neighbours and citizens.

Key enforcement activities are:

  • investigate complaints and alleged breaches of local laws.
  • issue notices and directions as they pertain to local laws and legislation.
  • collect evidence and prepare reports in relation to the prosecution of offenders.
  • conduct auctions of abandoned vehicles and release, under approval, vehicles to owners and authorised purchasers.


Activities on roads: cars and goods for sale or display

Council prohibits the sale of vehicles and the offering of vehicles for sale on roads.

To do so is a breach of Local Law No. 1 (Administration) 2011, Schedule 8 – Commercial use of local government controlled areas and roads to place a vehicle for sale on any Council-controlled road.

These restrictions apply equally to licensed motor dealers and residents. Offenders will be issued with a Notice to Remedy and fines can be issued for breaches.

It is also a breach of Local Law  No. 1 (Administration) 2011, Schedule 8 – Commercial use of local government controlled areas and roads for any person to place trestles or any other display of goods on a footpath without the prior approval of Council. Penalties apply.