The Animal Management local law is about:

  • How many, what type, how and where animals can be kept;
  • Control of animals in public places, for example animals are prohibited on Four Mile Beach Port Douglas north of Mowbray Street. There is a dog off-leash area at the southern end of Four Mile Beach Port Douglas for 400m south of Martin Scullet Drive. See map here.
  • Prohibiting the sale of cats or dogs unless the sale is by licensed breeders or under a current Council approval;
  • Requiring pet shops, catteries and kennels to have a current Council approval;
  • Seizing, impounding and destroying animals;
  • How impounded animals are reclaimed or sold; and
  • Appeal to the Magistrates Court against a destruction order.

The Animal Management local law regulates the keeping of animals, for example:

  • cats and pigs cannot be kept in the Conservation Planning Area; and
  • pigs, roosters and stallions cannot be kept on land smaller than one hectare.

Council approval is required to keep:

  • more than two cats;
  • more than six chickens on land 450m2 to 800m2;
  • more than two dogs and only on land bigger than 450m2;
  • more than one horse and only on land of 2,000m2 or larger.

Council approval is required to breed:

  • birds or poultry on land smaller than 2,000m2;
  • cats or dogs;
  • cattle, goats or horses on land smaller than 10,000m2;
  • Chickens must be kept more than 10m from a home and 5m of a property boundary or road.

Applications for Council approval are made under Local Law 1 Administration.

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