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NEGOTIATIONS for a two-ferry contract at the Daintree River crossing can now resume, with a focus on gaining permits and approvals for the works required to create the second crossing.

Douglas Shire Council today resolved to resume Daintree Ferry 2021 contract negotiations after a six-week consultation period that included eight public meetings, six focus groups, a survey which attracted 3902 responses and a 105-page submission report featuring 61 submissions from the public.

The Compass Research Report results revealed 66% support for a second ferry crossing, in comparison to the 33% of respondents who preferred a bridge.

Key points from the negotiated Daintree Ferry contract, including costs, time frames and key performance indicators, will be brought back to a Council meeting before a contract is formally entered into.

Douglas Shire Mayor Michael Kerr said Council was given a clear mandate to move forward with the contract negotiations.

“The community now has a deeper understanding of the financial impacts of a second ferry and community sentiment about the preferred option, which means we can prioritize finalising negotiations and gaining permits for the two-ferry crossing,” he said.

“Staff will pick up negotiations from where they left off and work towards creating a better ferry crossing for tourists and locals.

“We will keep the community informed of the progress of the permit and approval process, as well as advise when a contract is ready to be signed.”

A design of the second ferry channel crossing and land-based infrastructure will need to be completed before an application for permits is made.

For the detailed Council report, please visit here.


Ferry Myth Buster

Some misinformation is circulating online about the Daintree Ferry Contract negotiations, which Council can now resume after further consultation with the community.
Mayor Kerr said he wants to ensure all Councillors are comfortable with the end result.
“The amended motion to include a future check on the contract negotiations came about after Cr McKeown and Cr Scomazzon contacted me before the December 15 meeting about their desire to see more details about the contract they were voting on,” he said.
“This motion will now allow all Councillors to be fully informed of the key details within the final contract prior to its engagement.”
“I believe that this is certainly what the community would expect to occur and was the correct way to move forward, rather than deferring the motion that was presented.”
Despite what some online blogs have published, the cost of the recent consultation was $15,000.
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