UPDATE: Google Maps have rectified the issue and the Daintree Ferry is now displaying as the primary route for someone travelling over the Daintree River.

Council staff have been working with Google to fix an error on Google Maps at the Daintree River Ferry Crossing.

People using the maps service for directions to travel to areas across the river are being re-directed to the 4-hour Mulligan Highway route.

Council has requested a solution to help businesses north of the Daintree River and relayed the urgency of the situation.

In the meantime, Council has improved the metadata behind Daintree Ferry information and placed a banner on its homepage to ensure people get the right information.

This is a reminder that the Daintree Ferry is open and travel is free until June 30. 

Council is waiving the usual ferry fees until June 30 and multi-day passes that were due to expire have been extended to December 31 this year.