DAY ONE (February 28, 2018)

An initial external inspection of the Daintree Ferry has indicated no major damage.

The dry-docking was exceptionally successful (see photos below) and crews are working to make minor repairs.

The slipping process took about two hours to complete – about half the expected time.

Maintenance required includes sanding and painting over minor damage.

All works are on schedule.

Council would like to remind the public about the extensive plans in place.

These include 50-person passenger ferry that is taking tourists and locals across the river during the five-day c


Shuttle buses are operating on both sides of the river, while a single-vehicle barge will transport fruit and vegetables.

There is also limited availability on this barge for single-vehicles use by calling Council on 4099 9402.

A shuttle bus timetable is available on Council’s website. Council has organised security to protect parked vehicles.

Emergency services and Queensland Health have also put measures in place to ensure the community is well-equipped.


The ferry will be temporarily closed from February 28 until March 4, 2018 to complete mandatory five-yearly safety inspections required by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) and below water maintenance.