Plastic Free Douglas

Douglas Shire Council wants to inspire residents, businesses and industry to play a role in finding solutions to reduce waste in our Shire. Waste reduction lowers waste pollution, saves natural resources, reduces waste at landfill sites and lessens greenhouse gas emissions. Switching from single-use plastics to reusable, compostable or recyclable alternatives is a positive contribution we can make by changing our consumer habits.

Who is Plastic Free Douglas?

Plastic Free Douglas is a collective of local environmental groups, Council, concerned businesses and individuals who work together to reduce the amount of plastic waste. To register your interest in the Plastic Free Douglas campaign, email or visit the Plastic Free Douglas Facebook page.

Why Go Plastic Free?

As a convenient material, plastics have taken over our lives and are consumed and discarded in great numbers. They never biodegrade, but over time break up into smaller and smaller fragments. Plastic impacts our lives and surroundings in alarming ways:


  • Plastic manufacturing, use and disposal create a large carbon footprint
  • About 8 million tonnes of plastics enter the ocean every year where millions of animals die from the entanglement and ingestion of rubbish.
  • Microplastics, the tiny toxic plastic remnants from degraded items can impact entire ecosystems like coral reefs and different food chains.

Human health:

  • When microplastics enter the food chain, these plastics can end up on our plate.
  • Additives in plastics (e.g. in plastic bottles or food packaging) can leach into our food and cause various health problems.


  • Every year, cleaning up littered single-use items costs communities millions of dollars.
  • Over 21 million tonnes of waste goes into our already limited landfill spaces in Australia every year.
How to Go Plastic Free?

Living entirely plastic free is possible and an interesting challenge, but not feasible for most people. However, the biggest environmental concern is posed by single-use plastic items such as straws, drink stirrers, cutlery, cups and lids, plates, containers, bags, balloons and balloon sticks.

Eradicating these products from your life or replacing them with either compostable, or durable and eco-friendly alternatives is a matter of habit rather than a compromise in quality and convenience. Single-Use Plastic Reduction Options document helps finding alternatives to replace single-use plastic products with reusable, compostable and recyclable alternatives.

Join Our Mission Reducing Single-Use Plastics
Plastic Free July

Individuals, schools and businesses can all join the Plastic Free July, a global challenge to avoid or reduce single-use plastics. Participants choose the habits they wish to cultivate during Plastic Free July and from there on. Plastic Free July website provides resources and guidance on how to avoid and reduce single-use plastic products.

Useful links and resources

—   Find out more about recycling in Douglas by visiting Council’s Wheelie Bin Information page.

—   Check out the Plastic Free Douglas brochure below and learn how to make your business, market stall or event plastic-free and consequently reduce the impact of plastic on our world heritage environment!