These storm tide surge evacuation maps show areas that may be at risk of storm tide flooding associated with a cyclone.

To find out if you are in one of the three risk zones:

  • Look in your meter box for a red, orange or yellow sticker;
  • Check the maps below

If you ARE in a coloured zone:

  • Your property may be at risk of storm surge flooding during a cyclone.
  • Prepare to evacuate if emergency services issue an evacuation order for your zone.
  • Take the most direct route as shown in the storm tide surge evacuation maps below.

If your property is NOT in a coloured zone, you are outside the predicted storm tide risk zone and do NOT need to evacuate. Stay home, follow your emergency plan and make your cyclone preparations.

For accessibility and for those without Adobe Acrobat (in the middle of a storm) we publish both the PDF & image versions

MAP 3-301 Overview – Oak Beach to Newell Beach PDF(590.5 KB)

MAP 3-301 – Oak Beach, Rocky Point, Miallo, Newell, Cooya Beach, Bonnie Doon, Mossman, Finlayvale, Mossman Gorge, Killaloe, Port Douglas, Cassowary, Craiglie, Mowbray.

MAP 3-302 Overview – Rocky Point to Cow Bay PDF(468.5 KB)

MAP 3-302 – Diwan, Noah, Forest Creek, Daintree, Kimberley, Lower Daintree, Whyambeel, Wonga, Bamboo, Stewart Creek Valley, Upper Daintree, Miallo.

MAP 3-303 Overview – Cow Bay to Cape Tribulation PDF(168.0 KB)

MAP 3-303 – Cape Tribulation, Thornton Beach, Diwan, Cow Bay, Kimberley.

MAP 3-304 Port Douglas PDF(1.6 MB)

MAP 3-304 – Port Douglas, Craiglie, Killaloe.

MAP 3-305 Mossman PDF(238.7 KB)

MAP 3-305 – Mossman, Finlayvale, Mossman Gorge, Bonnie Doon.

MAP 3-306 Cooya and Newell Beaches PDF(229.3 KB)

MAP 3-306 – Newell, Cooya Beach, Rocky Point, Miallo, Mossman.

MAP 3-307 Wonga PDF(190.4 KB)

MAP 3-307 – Wonga, Bamboo.

MAP 3-308 Cow Bay and Diwan PDF(111.7 KB)

MAP 3-308 – Diwan, Cow Bay.

MAP 3-309 Cape Tribulation PDF(68.3 KB)

MAP 3-309 – Cape Tribulation.

MAP 3-310 Oak Beach PDF(125.2 KB)

MAP 3-310 – Oak Beach.

MAP 3-311 Wangetti Beach PDF(188.2 KB)

MAP 3-311 – Wangetti Beach