Concerned about a family member’s drug or alcohol use?
Want to play a more supportive role?

Families can access FREE support through attending information sessions or individual counselling (online, phone and face to face counselling available).

Lives Lived Well will be delivering free public Information Webinars across Queensland in the coming weeks. Topics covered include:

  • Physical and mental effects of substance use
  • Brief history of substance use in society
  • Why people use substances
  • Overview of methamphetamines (ice)
  • How to set workable boundaries
  • Stages of Change for Families (loss and grief)
  • Where to go for more help
  • What are treatment options?
Dates for December & January are as follows:
 Monday 30 November, 10am-12pm                        Monday 11 January, 12:30pm-2;30pm
 Wednesday 2 December, 5pm-7pm                        Wednesday 13 January, 5pm-7pm
 Tuesday 8 December, 12:30pm-2:30pm                 Tuesday 19 January, 10am-12pm
 Thursday 10 December, 10am-12pm                      Thursday 21 January, 5pm-7pm
 Monday 14 December, 5pm-7pm                            Monday 25 January, 10am-12pm
 Wednesday 16 December, 12:30pm-2:30pm         Wednesday 27 January, 12:30pm-2;30pm
 Tuesday 22 December, 10am-12pm

Please email with your preferred dates. You will be sent a calendar invite with instructions on how to access the Webinar.

All enquiries and RSVPs should be directed to –
Belinda: 0438 726 901 or