Council has local laws covering a range of business activities including Food Businesses, Accommodation Premises, Outdoor/alfresco Dining, Portable Advertisements/Sandwich Boards, Display or Advertising Goods for Sale on a Road or Footpath.

Goods on Footpath
Apply for a permit to display Goods for Sale on a Road or Footpath.

Outdoor Dining
This application is to be used for outdoor dining applications. Outdoor dining is a commercial activity under Local Law No. 59 (Commercial Use of Roads) 2002.

Portable Advertisements
Apply for an Approval to exhibit portable advertisements.

Application for a Busking Permit

Application to busk in prescribed public places in the Douglas Shire.

Waiting List for Port Douglas Harbour Moorings

Application to be added to the waiting list for a Port Douglas Pile Mooring.

Port Douglas Harbour Mooring Application

Application to berth vessel at Port Douglas Pile Mooring.


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