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Douglas Shire Council has awarded a tender to FGF Developments to replace the pipeline to create a more robust system and reduce maintenance requirements over the next 50 years.

Project Update – February 2023 

FGF will be returning to complete the Grant Street Water Main works in February 2023. The schedule of works and changed traffic conditions are as follows:

  • Friday 10 February 2023 – the VAC truck will be working at the corner of Grant and Macrossan Street – positioned in Macrossan Street, but as you experienced last year, it is loud. There will be traffic control onsite however FGF does not anticipate needing to close the road.
  • Monday 13 to 17 February – 2023  – FGF will be excavating on Grant at the top end around 5 to 10 metres from Macrossan St. This work will continue throughout the week. The VAC truck will not be involved, however there will be an excavator and concrete saw used. Grant Street will be closed to vehicles at Macrossan Street. Delivery and staff vehicles will be able to access Grant Street from Warner Street.  The staff carpark at 12 Grant Street will be accessible.    The works in this location are estimated to take five full days.

All going well,  FGF anticipates no further work will be needed in Grant Street between Warner and Macrossan Streets.  Your patience and tolerance during the project has been noted and appreciated.

Construction Details

Work is scheduled to start on Tuesday 4 October, 2022. 

Generally, work will occur Monday to Friday – 7am to 6pm. There may be occasions when work occurs outside these hours – particularly for planned interruptions to water supply which will be scheduled to occur outside business operating times.

The contractor is intending to start locating and potholing works for the Grant Street works on Tuesday 4 October.

Major works of excavation and pipelaying will start 24 October from the Macrossan Street end. The road closure will be in place around this date.

The above date is subject to change due to contractor availability.

Mitigating Impacts

When working in a built environment where the work is underground, specific dates for the saw cutting of road pavement which is the noisiest activity, cannot be guaranteed. There are simply too many variables involved.

To provide more certainty for traders and reduce the impacts during the busiest times of the day, FGF is planning to do the more disruptive activities after the lunch hour rush in the afternoons.

  • The noisiest saw cutting/pavement demolition work will be done after 3:00pm each day. This will prepare the area of trenching works to be done the following morning. The equipment used for trenching is not too noisy, as earplugs are not typically worn by the operators.
  • The other noisier aspect of the work, although not at the level of saw cutting, is compacting the backfill material. There is noise and vibration and the plan will be to commence this around ~1:30pm each day.

Water Supply Interruptions

There will be three planned interruptions to water supply.

  1. When switching over from the old to the new water main at the intersection of Macrossan
    and Grant Street. Interruption in supply is anticipated to be 15-20 minutes.
  2. When switching over from the old to the new water main at the intersection of Mowbray and Grant Street. Interruption in supply is anticipated to be 15-20 minutes.
  3. When connecting individual businesses to the new water main. FGF, the contractor, will talk to individual businesses to schedule the planned interruptions at a time when they are closed.

Note the planned interruptions will not impact the whole street, so there’s flexibility in scheduling.

Pedestrian and Vehicle Access

Pedestrians will have access down the footpath on both sides of Grant Street.

Vehicle access will be impacted. The road will be closed to all vehicles between 7am and 6pm Monday to Friday.

The exception is:

  • Delivery vehicles dropping off or picking up goods.
  • Business owners accessing staff carpark at 12 Grant Street – system will be put in place e.g., ticket in windscreen – so drivers don’t need to negotiate with different traffic controllers.
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Tradies doing repair work at any of the businesses.

Traffic controllers will be on site to allow these vehicles access.

Grant Street will be reopened at the end of each workday, and at the end of the work week, enabling all vehicles access between 6pm to 7am, and Sundays.

Car Parking will be impacted. Grant Street will be a no standing zone while work is underway.

Project Updates


  • Crews completed preparation works for the connection between water mains on Macrossan Street and Grant Street.
  • The existing exposed section of works is fenced off for safety purposes and will be in place until works are completed.


For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Gaye Scott on or on 4099 9414

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