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Stage 1:  Mossman Works Depot to Mossman Cemetery, Alchera Drive, Mossman

Old deteriorating barrier kerb was replaced with layback kerb and channel along Alchera Drive to FNQROC standards as part of this capital works program.  These improvements will see a reduction in continual road maintenance and add a smart fixture as you enter Mossman.

This new section of kerb and channel, which is 440 lineal metres in length, was replaced between Council’s Mossman Depot and the Mossman Cemetery and included new driveways.

Contractors were engaged to assist Council with asphalt patching and a design consultant involved for the more intricate sections in preparation for the next stage of the program.

Old barrier kerb is recycled at Drumsara under our concrete crushing program with materials re-used for future projects.

The program will continue to renew old and damaged kerb and channel along Alchera Drive into the coming financial year.

Cost of Project

Stage 1: $230,828


For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Council on 4099 9444 or

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