Port Douglas Markets – A Cotter’s Market

The Port Douglas Markets is proudly operated as a Cotter’s Market.  To protect the integrity of our charming tropical markets it is important that all new and prospective stall holders meet the requirements of a Cotter’s Market as per the definition below.

What is a Cotter’s Market: The sale of products made by hand labour or small machinery in small quantities. This does not include mass production, or production in commercial quantities. Manufacture must be by the vendor and at the vendor’s own residential premises or studio with the exception of food products which may be made in a commercial premises approved by Council for food preparation.

New and prospective stall holders may be asked to provide supporting evidence to ensure they meet the Cotter’s Market definition.   Photos of the manufacture process and place of manufacture are preferred.

Market Coordinator:  Market Coordinators are onsite at every Sunday Market to help stall holders and patrons get the most out of their experience at the Port Douglas Markets.  It is the job of the Market Coordinators to organise and administer the Port Douglas Markets on Council’s behalf, which includes ensuring the policies of the Port Douglas Markets are being followed.  Please extend courtesy to our team – aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated.