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Reef Park residents will be pleased to learn Council will be completing Phase Two of the street lighting improvement project.

Phase One completed last year, saw the installation of 23 new lights to replace existing streetlights which had become unserviceable.

I-LEC Group Pty Ltd has been awarded contract to complete the project which will see 29 new streetlights installed in Arlington Close, Endeavour Street, Ruby Close, Egrets Close and in St Crispins Avenue between Agincourt and Endeavour Streets.

To further improve safety in Endeavour Street, contractors will install three 50 Phillips Road flair major streetlights in the carpark area and two 100W LED floodlights at the two pedestrian crossings.

Start date for construction is planned for 4 October 2022. This is dependent upon timely delivery of  equipment.

The work is expected to take six to eight weeks.

The old street lights will be removed after the new lights have been installed and are operating.

It is anticipated there will be minimal impacts to residents other than those in the immediate vicinity of where a new light is being installed.

Residents may hear some noise from construction activity and construction vehicles may be parked in the street while work is underway.


This lighting project will see contractors, Council crews and/or Ergon staff working in the area at various times over the coming weeks. If you have any questions, or require further information, please contact Council’s Community Liaison Officer, Gaye Scott on 4099 9414 or


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