The Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has warned Australians that failing to observe proper social distancing over the Easter long weekend would “undo everything” the country’s coronavirus response has achieved so far.

“We have so far avoided the many thousands, if not tens of thousands of cases, that might otherwise have occurred at this point. And indeed the many more fatalities that could have also occurred by this point,” said Mr Morrison.

“It has occurred well beyond our expectations in the way that we’ve been able to bring that daily growth rate down together, and certainly ahead of what all the theoretical models would have expected.

But that bright assessment of the current situation came with one particularly stark warning.

“We have bought valuable time, but we cannot be complacent,” the Prime Minister said.

“This Easter Weekend will be incredibly important. Stay at home. Failure to do so this weekend would completely undo everything we have achieved so far together, and potentially worse.

“So all the things we’ve been asking you to do, day in and day out, they apply especially so this long weekend, the Easter weekend.

“When you normally may have gone out together as family, and been out in public places or parks, or gone away, that is not something you can do this Easter long weekend.

“We have already seen in other countries where major festivals or events or holiday periods have been the spark for significant outbreaks.

“So it is very important to all Australians, this weekend, that you must follow these very helpful and straightforward requests that we make of you.”

To help prevent any further spread of COVID-19, Queensland Health is encouraging Douglas Shire residents to minimise the number of people they come into contact with.

Read the latest health advice on home confinement by Queensland Health, here.