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Suburb: Port Douglas

Work date: Friday 16 December, 2022

Description: Oil palm removal on Port Douglas Road, opposite Reef Resort driveway.

The canopy is completely dead and has no new growth. The risk is associated with the instability of the trunk evident by the poor condition of the tree canopy.


In September 2020, Council received reports of an oil palm falling onto the road and almost hitting a passing vehicle.

An independent arborist completed a condition audit of the 608 oil palms and provided recommendations on how Council should manage the trees moving forward.

In this report, 15 palms were assessed as being in significant decline and identified as potentially posing a risk to public safety as they deteriorate further.

Council regularly monitors the health of these palms and will remove if necessary.

Council staff are currently investigating options for replacing old oil palm trees with new oil palm trees and the long-term succession of the multi-million-dollar avenue of trees in the tourism township.

For further information, please call 4099 9444 or email

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