Douglas Shire Council accommodates a range of burials. The five main types of burial options available in the Mossman and Port Douglas areas are listed below.  Please advise your funeral director about which option you prefer.

Lawn burials

Lawn burial sites are only available in the Mossman Cemetery. Instead of traditional headstones or monuments, lawn burial sites feature simple bronze plaques on concrete bases on the grave at ground level. When you overlook a lawn burial cemetery (or site inside a cemetery), you see a panorama of lawn.

Monumental burials

Monumental burial sites are a traditional option featuring granite, marble or concrete headstones and/or bases.  They are available in Port Douglas and Mossman.

The erection of a monument is subject to the approval of Council and you need to engage a monumental mason to construct the headstone and/or the base.  If you prefer this option please speak to your funeral director for advice.

Monumental lawn burials

Monumental lawn beam burials feature headstones or raised plaques attached to a common beam of concrete (without a large base).

This combines the lawn burial option with the more traditional ‘monumental option’.

The erection of a monument and/or raised plaque is subject to the approval of Council and you will need to engage a monumental mason to construct a headstone and/or the base and/or raised plaque.  This option is available in the Port Douglas (new southern section) and Mossman cemetery.

Mausoleum vault burials

Mausoleum vault burials are permitted to be erected in the Mossman Cemetery.  Mausoleums are external, above ground free standing buildings with spaces or burial chambers for coffins.  Sometimes mausoleums are referred to as tombs.

Memorials for Ashes

Ashes can be placed in family graves or in specially designed walls (Niche Wall).  They can also be placed in specially designated garden beds in the Mossman cemetery.

Advance arrangements are often made where families wish to be placed together.