Each year Douglas Shire Council produces an Annual Budget, Operational Plan, and Annual Report. These publications have information about how Council conducts its day to day business, as well as goals and plans for its future.

Annual Budget

Download the 2023-24 Council budget documents, including the Capital Works Program and Mayor’s budget address.

View 2023-24 Budget

Operational Plan

The Plan is formulated to identify and determine what actions are to be undertaken for the financial year. It is the annual plan to deliver on the Council’s strategic themes, goals and initiatives as articulated in the 2023-24 Corporate Plan. The Operational Plan includes ongoing operational responsibilities and initiatives.

To read the latest progress report, please visit here.

Download 2023-24 Plan
Water Reticulation Team at Rex Creek Intake

CEO Reports

The aim of these reports is to communicate how the administration is managing the diverse activities and challenges arising in the course of Council’s business, and to summarise work in progress and the milestones achieved.

Download the latest CEO Report here