You will require a local laws approval if you intend to undertake activities on local government roads and areas. Local government areas include parks, reserves, foreshores, bathing reserves, and council controlled venues. Examples of these activities include but are not limited to:

  • sport and recreational events or competitions
  • weddings
  • special events (e.g. fair, fete, markets or functions)
  • fitness classes and personal training
  • concerts
  • promotions
  • conferences
  • training
  • filming and photography
  • circuses
  • horse / camel / pony rides
  • equipment hire (including aquatic equipment)
  • place temporary fencing, scaffolding or gantry on public land
  • storing equipment and materials on public land
  • use crane or cherry picker on public land
  • place skip bin or shipping container on public land
  • vehicle access to parks
  • helicopter landings
  • fireworks on public land
  • roadside or itinerant vending.
  • Venue hire for for popular public spaces such as Rex Smeal Park, and Little Cove is required.  Please call Customer Services on (07) 4099 9444.

Application forms

Wedding Ceremonies

Most wedding ceremonies require a local laws approval.  You will not require an approval if the wedding ceremony has:

  • less than 50 people
  • does not have amplified music and
  • temporary structures/furniture which is less than 10m² in area or less than 3m in height.

Venue hire for for popular public spaces such as Rex Smeal Park, and Little Cove is required.  Please call Customer Services on (07) 4099 9444.

Other locations do not have to be booked and if you do not require an approval, you can get married in any location and at any time!

PDF Printable Form:

LL22 - Application To Conduct Small Wedding And Other Ceremonies In A Park-30Aug2023 (674.7 KiB)

Medium/High Impact Activity or Event

Applications for an event permit must be submitted at least 30 business days (6 weeks) before the event to allow Council sufficient time to assess your application. The more detailed information you provide at this time, the faster Council’s assessment process will be.

Use this form for events or activities such as:

Temporary Entertainment Events

Events or activities that are open to the public with or without an entry fee such as:

  • organised sporting event or competition
  • festivals and concerts
  • amusement rides
  • circuses
  • community events including school fetes or events
  • fairs and festivals
  • live artist performances and live music or entertainment
  • sporting activities including cycling or marathon races
  • street parade, march, public meeting, demonstration or public address

Private Social Events

An invitation only ceremony, party or celebration with:

  • over 50 people
  • road closures or traffic management requirements
  • amplified music
  • temporary structures/furniture which is greater than 10m² in area or greater than 3m in height.

Examples include:

  • wedding receptions
  • private parties
  • corporate functions
  • member only sporting or recreational events (not open to the public)

PDF Printable Form:

LL20 - Application To Conduct A Temporary Entertainment Event Or Large Private Or Corporate Event-1 (446.1 KiB)

Low Impact Activity or Event

Use this form for activities such as:

  • fundraising stalls such as cake stall, raffle ticket sales, sausage sizzle or car wash for not-for-profit organisation
  • small educational displays or information booths
  • research or scientific investigation
  • school sporting event on public land

Online Form: click here

PDF Printable Form:

LL21 - Application To Conduct A Small Event Or Activity (301.9 KiB)

Just Start Fitness Active8 Free Fitness

Conduct Work or Deposit Goods on Public Land

Use this form for activities such as:

  • temporarily depositing a shipping container or skip bin
  • hoarding, gantry, scaffolding & temporary fencing
  • deposit/store equipment and materials on public land
  • make alterations or repair footpath
  • construct, repair planter box or garden bed
  • install permanent furniture such as an umbrella or seating
  • use a crane or cherry picker on public land to access private land
  • permission for temporary access across a kerb or footpath

PDF Printable Form:

LL23-Application To Conduct Work Or Deposit Goods On Public Land (351.3 KiB)

Port Douglas Markets Market Park

Conduct an Ongoing Commercial Activity on Public Land

Use these forms if you want to apply to conduct an ongoing commercial business or activity on public land.

Activities that are not connected to a commercial office or shop space

(please note that some activities may be required to go through a tender process)

Examples include:

  • Hire equipment business or lessons (beach equipment hire, water sports equipment hire and lessons)
  • Tours such as segway, horseriding, walking, pedicab
  • Personal training and yoga classes
  • Regular use by commercial wedding and event organisers
  • Itinerant and roadside vending

PDF Printable Forms:

LL14-Application to Conduct Ongoing Commercial Activity on Public Land (Annual-Seasonal) (338.9 KiB)

LL11-Application For Approval of Roadside and Itinerant Vending (298.3 KiB)

Other Commercial Activities on Public Land

  • Outdoor dining
  • Portable advertising
  • Displaying goods on a footpath

PDF Printable Forms:

LL01 - Application Conduct Outdoor Dining (612.6 KiB)

LL04 - Application Exhibit A Portable Advertisement (296.3 KiB)

LL06 - Application Display Goods On Footpath (310.4 KiB)

Filming, Television and Commercial Photography Activities on Public Land

Filming and photography undertaken for personal use does not require an approval.

Low Impact activities do not attract an application or location fee, however, the form must be lodged with Council.

Low Impact Filming Activity:

  • No more than 6 cast and crew; and/or
  • No significant disruption is caused to stakeholders, retailers or motorists or other events in the
    vicinity of activities; and/or
  • Activities are contained to footways or public open space areas only and no road closures or traffic
    diversions are required; and/or
  • Public safety is maintained at the locations at all times; and/or
  • Vehicles associated with the activities are legally parked at all times and are not driven onto
    footpaths or parks.

Medium/High Impact Filming Activities:

  • 7 or more cast and crew; and/or
  • Restriction of general public access in vicinity of filming; and/or
  • Road or footpath closures or diversions either whole or part either for filming, vehicle parking or
    equipment placement/storage; and/or
  • Construction of sets or erection of infrastructure; and/or
  • Equipment / lighting other than hand held equipment; and/or
  • Unit base(s) are required; and/or
  • Special access is required to any proposed filming location to which public or private vehicle access is
    usually not permitted (locked gates, special permits, permission or passes required).

PDF Printable Form:

LL15 - Application To Conduct Commercial Filming Or Photography (402.0 KiB)

Land an Aircraft on Public Land

Use this form if you want to apply to land an aircraft on public land.


PDF Printable Form:

LL18 - Application To Land An Aircraft On Public Land (291.7 KiB)

Hiptage Helicopter

Conduct Fireworks on Public Land

Use this form if you want to apply to host fireworks on public land.

PDF Printable Form:

LL19 - Application to Display Fireworks on Public Land (273.9 KiB)

Port Douglas Markets Market Park

The Sugar Wharf is located on the waterfront of Port‘s Dickson Inlet overlooking the Coral Sea and Daintree Rainforest.

This historic old building was home to Ben Cropp and his “Shipwreck Museum” for many years but is now open to the public as a wonderful waterfront venue.

Outdoors on the deck is a stunning location for both your ceremony and reception.

It’s tucked away behind  the St Mary’s by the Sea, a popular wedding chapel in Port Douglas with it’s own little beach and cove making it the perfect spot for your casual photos of your guests enjoying canapes and a cocktail while watching the sunset.

Dixie Street, Port Douglas QLD 4877

Phone (07) 4099 9444 or email

Additional Information


  • The building is heritage-listed.
  • The venue can accommodate 120 on the deck and 200 inside (depending on setup).
  • Chairs and tables are not included in the venue hire.
  • There is no air-conditioning in the building, however there are fans.
  • There is a track lighting system and an art display hanging facilities on the walls.
  • As the Sugar Wharf is timber structure, all cooking must be done on the concrete area. Most catering companies are aware of this restriction and are able to accommodate with this set-up.
  • Due to its location on the Port Douglas waterfront, there are noise restrictions in place.
  • Entry to the Sugar Wharf is generally level with concrete, timber flooring and decking.
  • There is no operational kitchen, only a room with a sink and small bench.
  • There are two toilets in the building so it is advisable for large events to utilise the public toilets close by.
  • One of the toilets within Sugar Wharf is wheelchair accessible.


A large public car park is located close to Sugar Wharf where there are accessible parking bays available. An uncovered drop off point is available close to the access area to Sugar Wharf.


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