Pensioner Remission

Pension remission applications must be in writing on the prescribed form and contain a declaration as to the accuracy of the information contained therein.

Once an application for remission is approved it shall remain in force from year to year without further renewal whilst the applicant remains owner/occupier of the property in question.

The Council pension remission rebate will be up to 40 per cent of the General Rate to a maximum of $1,350 per annum.

Pensioners may also be entitled to a State Government pension remission (currently up to 20% of the General Rate to a maximum of $200 per annum).

The following guidelines apply in respect to persons applying for pensioner remission.

  1. The applicant(s) must be the sole owner(s) of the property in respect of which remission is sought or be Life tenant(s) under a Will with responsibility to pay all rates and charges.
  2. Such property must be their principal place of residence.
  3. The applicant(s) MUST be the holder(s) of one of the following Queensland cards:
  • Centrelink, Pension Concession Card.
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Pension Concession Card.
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Repatriation Health Card. (Full Conditions only)


If a pensioner becomes the owner of a new property, they must make application for remission in respect of that property.

An application form for Pension remission can be obtained HERE.

Rates-Based Financial Assistance

Under the provisions of the Local Government Regulation 2012, Council may resolve to grant a ratepayer a concession for rates and charges provided the specified criteria is met by the ratepayer.

This policy only applies to not for profit organisations, sporting and community groups who make an application for rating concession.

The applicant organisation must be the owner or lessee and occupier of the land with the rate notice being issued in the organisation’s name.

Furthermore the applicant organisation’s constitution must prohibit any member of the organisation from making a private profit or gain, either from the ongoing operations of the organisation or as a result of the distribution of assets if the organisation is wound up.

The land for which an application is made must be used for the purpose to which the rating concession applies.

Organisations that manage premises with gambling machines or whose main activity is gambling will not be considered eligible.

Similarly, not-for-profit organisations, sporting and community groups will not be eligible if they have a contractual arrangement, either formally or informally, with a third party that derives an income or benefit from this arrangement.

Council may provide up to 100 per cent concession of the general rate and up to 50 per cent of sewerage charges for organisations that comply with the requirements of this policy.

Those not for profit organisations that are not already receiving Rates Based Financial Assistance and believe that they may be eligible should contact Council.

Application form for Rates Based Financial assistance can be obtained HERE.


Rates Incentive For Conservation Policy

This policy allows Council to consider applications for a rebate of general rates where a landholder enters into a Conservation Agreement for a Nature Refuge under the Nature Conservation Act 1992 or a Voluntary declaration (VDec) under the Vegetation Management Act 1999.

The rebate is proportionately attributed to that area of land included in an agreement. The owner enters into an agreement preserving/conserving flora and fauna on a rateable property within the boundaries of the Council. This agreement must be bound to the property title, in perpetuity.

Council may provide either 35% or 50% rebate of the general rate for landholders that comply with the requirements as set out in Council’s policy.  The rates rebate will be credited to the recipient’s rates notice prior to being issued.

Those landholders that are not already receiving Rates Incentive for conservation and believe that they may be eligible should contact Council.