The Audit Committee provides an independent forum where representatives of Council, independent specialists and management work together to fulfil specific governance responsibilities as set out in the Charter.

The Audit Committee is an internal governance process, which is intended to contribute to the improved performance of the organisation.  It plays a key role in assisting Council to fulfil its governance and oversight responsibilities in relation to a number of areas including, financial reporting, internal control systems, risk management, legal and regulatory compliance and audit functions.

The Audit Committee is an advisory body only and must keep Council informed of its activities.

The Audit Committee does not diminish management or a Councillors individual or overall responsibilities.

Council intends to work progressively toward the achievement of better practice in a local government environment, and had included in the Terms of Reference an obligation for the committee to develop its own skill for this purpose.

Click here to view the Audit Committee Charter.


The membership of the committee will comprise of two Councillors nominated by Council and up to two external members (one being the Independent Chair of the Committee).  In accordance with section 210 of the Local Government Regulation 2012, at least one member of the committee will have skills in financial matters.  Current membership of the committee is as follows:

Independent External Chair Dr Martin Fahy
External Member Drong Vue
Elected Members Mayor Lisa Scomazzon

Councillor Michael Rees

Council may appoint an ‘alternative member as provided for in Regulation 266 of the Local Government Regulation 2012.  An alternative member of a committee is a person who attends meetings of the committee and acts as a member of the committee only if another member of the committee is absent from the meeting of the committee.

Requirements of Meetings:

Council is obligated under Chapter 8, Part 2 Division 1A of the Local Government Regulation 2012 (Regulation) for its meetings to be open.

Section 254A(2) of the Regulation states that Division 1A does not apply to Audit Committee meetings.

Audit Committee meetings are not open to the public and are conducted in closed session.

Meeting Schedule 2022/2023:

Audit Committee Meetings are held each quarter at the Council Chambers, Council Administration Building, 64 Front Street, Mossman.

Audit Committee meetings dates are proposed for:

  • 27 May 2024
  • 16 September 2024
  • Early-mid October (to consider financial statements)
  • 25 November 2024