Who is liable to pay Rates?

If you own land, are the lessee of State owned land, or the holder of Mining Leases or Claims, you are liable for the payment of rates.

What are General Rates?

The General Rate is calculated by multiplying the rate set by Council by the unimproved value of the land set by the Department of Natural Resources. It provides funds for services and upkeep of shire assets that are available to all residents, for example parks and gardens, road maintenance, libraries, street lighting, public halls, aged pensioner accommodation and administration.

What is the cleansing charge?

The cleansing charge is for the removal of household waste (refuse). The charge covers the removal of the green bin weekly and the yellow bin (recycle) fortnightly.

Why am I paying water and sewerage charges on my property which is vacant and not connected?

Your property is capable of being connected to Council’s water and sewerage systems and these charges cover the costs of providing and maintain the systems ready for connection. You will not have been charged for any actual water use, as no water is entering or leaving the property.

What is the State Fire Levy? Why Does Council collect this?

This is a State Government imposed levy and Council acts as a collection agent only. Any correspondence relating to the charge should be Addressed to QFRS: GPO Box 1425, Brisbane QLD 4001.

Can I pay my rates and water usage in advance?

Yes, rates and water usage accounts can be paid in small or large amounts at any time using any of the payment options available. This facility enables you to better manager your finances and ensure your rates are paid on time. All advanced payments will show as a credit balance brought forward (shown with a minus sign) on your notice.

What can I do if I cannot pay by the Due Date?

Council encourages any ratepayer who is experiencing financial difficulties and is unable to pay the amount by the due date, to contact Council on (07) 4099 9444 to make an arrangement to pay. Please note that interest will begin to accrue at the rate of 11%p.a. calculated daily on any amounts unpaid from the first day following the due date.

I already have an arrangement in place for past rates do I need to contact Council?

Yes, Payment plans are automatically cancelled as at 30 June and 31 December each year. New arrangement plans will need to be entered into each rate notice issue. Please contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on (07) 4099 9444.

Changing your address?

It is the ratepayers responsibility to ensure that Council has the correct mailing address for all notices. Only the ratepayers whose names are shown on the properties can authorise a change of mailing address. Change of address notification must be in writing and can be forwarded to Council via letter, fax or email. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in notices being posted to the wrong address. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in notices being posted to the wrong address and does not hinder debt recovery action for the future. To change your postal address, please complete the Change of Address form HERE. At this stage Council cannot take your change of address over the telephone.

I have recently been married – what do I do to change my name?

You must supply council with a copy of the marriage certificate, and write in asking us to change it. This will only change the title on council records. If you want the actual title to change, you will have to go to titles (DERM) and pay to get them to change the record.

What is the pensioner discount?

Council’s discount is 40 per cent of the general rate up to a max of $675.00/6 months. The State discount is approx 20 per cent up to a max of $100.00/6 months.

What is a Supplementary Rate Notice?

Supplementary notices may be issued to some ratepayers to account for changes to their services or to the valuation of their property.

Can I request a copy of previous rate and water usage notices?

Yes, To obtain a copy of your rate notice or water rate notice, the request may be submitted in writing, by email, in person or by telephone. Copies of notices are only available to the ratepayer, real estate agent (by authority from owner), or acting solicitor. Requests for copies of rate notices and water rate notices issued prior to the current financial year will incur a fee per notice per property. Ratepayers may request a copy of their rate notice and water rate notice issued in the current financial year for free.