Administration Building

The Council Administration Building is an accessible public building located in Front Street, Mossman.

The Council Administration Building provides a base where ratepayers, residents and visitors are able to access a range of Council services and information and is the general location of Council Ordinary and Special meetings which the general public are welcome to attend.

The Council Administration Building does not have public meeting rooms available for hire. Council provides a number of accessible, multi-purpose community centres to help meet the diverse needs of our residents and visitors.

Port Douglas Community Hub

The Port Douglas Community Hub is located at the Port Douglas Community Hall in Mowbray Street and combines the library kiosk and Customer Service.

For information on how to book any of the meeting space at the Port Douglas Community Hall, click here.


  • Open 9am – 4pm Mon to Fri
  • Ability to make payments using EFTPOS, cheque, money order
  • No cash kept on premises
  • Enquiries
  • Ability have meetings with Council Officers – By Appointment


  • Open Monday to Friday 9:30am to 4pm
  • 3 computers to access internet
  • Children’s corner
Port douglas community hall