The Mossman Nursery is located near the Council Depot on Alchera Drive.

Council provides six natives plants per year per property for Douglas Shire residents.

Opening hours:

The nursery is closed to the public at present and will reopen Wednesday 26 August 2020.  The nursery will open every Wednesday until the Queensland Government COVID-19 restrictions have eased further.

Opening times are 10:30am to 3:30pm every Wednesday, closed from 12:30pm to 1pm for lunch.

A limit of 2 customers at a time with social distancing rules applying.

Staff will monitor customer numbers at all times.

Customers will be asked to wait outside the gates until it is their turn with the nursery technician.

Mossman Nursery 2

Did you know?

Douglas Shire Council’s Nursery has been operational for about 30 years. The majority of plants are grown from seeds that are collected locally to keep the genetics of the area intact wherever possible. Many staff carry bags in their pocket or car for seed collection, and there are also a number of dedicated volunteers that help in the nursery, who also assist with the provision of seed collections.

Work that the Nursery staff do:

  • Growing for re-vegetation and to restore habitat of degraded or weed infested lands
  • Grow to contract for other people’s projects
  • Works within Council for projects
  • Growing plants for Council gardens
  • Plants for ratepayers and the community

Below are some of the recent donations:

  •  1000 native trees to Terrain NRM as part of the Saltwater Creek and Cassowary Creek waterways project
  • More than 1500 trees to Mossman Botanical Gardens
  • 2000 plant species in Miallo
  • Supplied the Port Douglas beautification project
Mossman Nursery