Potable Water Requirements for Licensed Food Businesses and Registered Accommodation Premises

If you are not connected to a reticulated water supply and utilise an alternative source such as rain water, creek, bore water, you may be obligated to manage your water supply to ensure it is safe and potable.

For further information on the potable water requirements please contact Environmental Health on (07) 4099 9444.



Council manages asbestos related matters for private residences only (i.e. – home renovators). Asbestos related matters in workplaces or incidents occurring with licenced contractors are the responsibility of the department of Workplace Health and Safety.

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Vector & Vermin Control

The Public Health Act 2005 specifies prescribed pest species, which are capable of carrying and transmitting diseases to humans.


Overgrown Allotments (Vacant Lands)

A property can be considered overgrown if the vegetation can afford shelter or attraction for vermin or is generally unsightly.


Abandoned Vehicles

Any suspected unregistered or abandoned vehicle parked on the side of a Council-controlled road or within Council land may be issued with a Notice under the Transportation Operations (Road Use Management) Act (1995).