Corporate Plan 2019-2024

Key strategic business plan for Council that describes our priorities for the future, informing the community of Council’s intent.

Douglas Shire Council Corporate Plan 2019-2024 (446.7 KiB)

Council conducted considerable community engagement including public workshops and surveys to guide the development on this document.

View results here.

Operational Plan

Details both recurring activities and the major initiatives to be undertaken over the next 12 months by all departments and teams across Council.

2023-2024 Operational Plan (1.7 MiB)

2022-2023 Operational Plan (807.8 KiB)

2021-2022 Operational Plan (560.2 KiB)

Operational Plan 2020-2021 (713.4 KiB)

Operational Plan 2019-2020 (2.7 MiB)

Operational Plan 2018-2019 (1.7 MiB)

Operational Plan 2017-2018 (1.4 MiB)

Operational Plan 2016-17 (1.5 MiB)

Operational Plan 2015-16 (1.3 MiB)

Operational Plan 2014 - 2015 (193.7 KiB)

Customer Service Charter

Affirms Council’s commitment to delivering services to our communities in a professional, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Customer Service Charter (385.2 KiB)

Community Engagement

Provides Council with a framework and guide in the approach it will take in relation to community engagement activities.

Our Approach To Community Engagement (102.6 KiB)

Community Engagement Framework Overview (75.5 KiB)

Community Engagement Guide And Tools (337.3 KiB)

Corporate Sustainability Strategy

Details Council’s commitment to the protection of the natural environment and the importance of integrating sustainable environmental practices across Council’s operations.

Corporate Sustainability Strategy 2017-2020 (431.2 KiB)

Arts Strategy 2017 - 2021

Provides a clear vision and direction for Council to facilitate action and meet the creative aspirations of the Shire.

Adopted - Douglas Shire Council Arts Strategy (1.1 MiB)

Asset Management Framework

This document provides an overarching framework to ensure the sustainable management of the Asset portfolio and services for Douglas Shire Council to deliver the principles of local government.

Asset Management Framework (637.3 KiB)

Coconut Management Plan

Developed to define and document the goals and objectives of Council in managing coconuts effectively on council controlled lands.

Coconut Management Plan (6.3 MiB)

Domestic Violence Refuge Functional Brief

For the establishment of a supported accommodation refuge for women and their children escaping domestic and family violence in the Douglas Shire in partnership with relevant State agencies and local service providers.

Domestic Violence Refuge Functional Brief (2.7 MiB)

Douglas Heritage Study

Identifies, assesses and documents places of post-contact cultural significance for the Douglas Shire.

Douglas Heritage Study (2.4 MiB)

Douglas RV Strategy 2017 -2021

The Douglas Recreational Vehicle (RV) Strategy has been developed by Council in order to provide a strategic and coordinated approach to managing and providing information services and facilities to meet the needs and requirements of the RV traveller market.

Douglas Recreational Vehicle (RV) Strategy 2017 - 2021 (285.1 KiB)

Drinking Water Quality Management Report

Documents the performance of Council’s drinking water service with respect to water quality and performance.

Economic Development Strategy 2021 - 2024

This Economic Development Strategy (the Strategy) provides the overarching strategic direction for economic development in the Douglas Shire Council Local Government Area (LGA).

It’s the intention of this Strategy to recognise the contribution of established industries, while building resilience and broadening the economic structure of the Douglas Shire.

Read the Strategy Here

Events Strategy 2015-2020

Provides Council with a framework to guide the Douglas region to increased community enrichment and economic prosperity through events.

Events Strategy 2015-2020 (163.5 KiB)

Fraud & Corruption Control Plan

Provides direction and guidance to Council officers and stakeholders on the processes for prevention of fraud and corruption, detection of fraud and corruption and responding to fraud and corruption.

Fraud And Corruption Control Plan (558.2 KiB)

Glyphosate Reduction Strategy

This strategy will be used to provide clear direction to on ground staff responsible for the grounds maintenance of all council controlled parks, reserves and open space areas within the Douglas Shire.

Glyphosate Reduction Strategy (949.7 KiB)

Illegal Dumping Strategy

Outlines the issues surrounding illegal dumping and Council’s approach to reducing its impact on the local environment.

Illegal Dumping Strategy 2016 (542.1 KiB)

Local Disaster Management Plan - Douglas Shire Council Region

Provides an overview of the disaster management system in the Douglas Region, which is overseen by the Local Disaster Management Group.

Open Spaces Strategy

This strategy provides a strategic framework and direction for the planning and use of open spaces within Douglas Shire.

Open Space Strategy (2.7 MiB)

Waste Reduction & Recycling Plan

Addresses all aspects of waste management in the Douglas Shire.

Waste Reduction And Recycling Plan 2016 19 (770.2 KiB)