What is the RADF?

The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) is a partnership between state and local governments which invests in quality arts and cultural experiences across Queensland based on locally determined priorities.

RADF promotes the role and value of arts, culture and heritage as key drivers to: support diversity and inclusivity; grow strong regions; and provide training, education and employment opportunities for Queensland artists and local communities.

Under a RADF renewal Councils now deliver locally tailored RADF programs based on the identified priorities, opportunities and capacities of their local communities.

This means that RADF may look different place to place as to best respond to the ways of working and aspirations of local communities.

For further information on RADF please contact Council’s Liaison Officer. For information on other Arts Queensland programs and opportunities please visit the Arts Queensland website.

What are the RADF objectives?

RADF objectives are to:

• support local artists and arts and cultural activity to deliver value for local communities
• provide opportunities for local communities to participate in arts and cultural activities
• invest in locally-determined priorities delivered through arts and cultural activity
• contribute towards current government priorities.

Douglas Shire Council’s locally identified priorities were determined through community engagement and community feedback during the development of Douglas Shire Council’s 2017-2021 Arts Strategy.

Previous successful RADF recipients: