Instant Property Reports

Our free instant Property Report tool is an easy and convenient way to access planning scheme information relating to a specific property. The reports provide:

  • General property information
  • Summary of applicable planning scheme zones, precincts, local plans and overlays
  • Maps showing the applicable planning scheme mapping layers; and
  • Links to the relevant Assessment Tables

The service allows you to search for information on a property using either a street address, lot number or a parcel number. Once the report is generated, you simply use the PDF button in the bottom right hand corner to print, share or save your property report.

Free Property Report Facility

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For more detailed planning advice prior to lodging an application, please submit a Prelodgement Enquiry and include the property details, a full description of the proposal and a site plan.

Council officers endeavour to respond to Prelodgement Enquiries within 10 business days.

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