Douglas Shire Council policies help translate the intentions of Council into action. Council is required to develop policies for a range of reasons including compliance with legislation in response to Council’s operational objectives or stakeholder concerns; to alter behaviour and provide direction or influence organisational culture.

Douglas Shire Council has three types of policies:

  • Statutory Policies are required by legislation as part of Council’s business operations. These policies may also articulate the principles which provide instruction across key strategic areas. Statutory Policies are approved and adopted by Council.
  • Council (Strategic) Policies have a direct impact on the community. Council (Strategic) Policies are approved and adopted by Council.
  • Administrative Policies provide direction for operational and internal management of the day to day operations of Council. These policies do not have a direct impact on the community. Administrative Policies are approved by the Chief Executive Officer.

Statutory Policies

Acceptable Request Guidelines

To provide clear guidelines to Councillors and staff in instances when Councillors need to make requests for assistance or advice.

Acceptable Request Guidelines (232.4 KiB)

Advertising Spending General Policy

Provides guidelines outlining the control on expenditure on advertisements placed by Council in various media to ensure that this advertising is in the public interest.

Advertising Spending General Policy (198.4 KiB)

Administrative Action Complaints Management Policy

Supports Council’s continuing commitment to inclusive and ethical governance for the Douglas communities by appropriately addressing complaints from external sources.

Administrative Action Complaints Management Policy (1) (218.1 KiB)

Community Grants and Support Policy

To establish a framework for the consistent and transparent administration of Community Grants, Fee Reduction, In-kind Assistance, Donations and Sponsorship, to support initiatives which address community, economic, social and environmental outcomes for the Douglas Shire.

Community Grants And Support Policy (1) (284.7 KiB)

Complaints Involving Corruption of the Public Official

As required under S48 of the Crime and Corruption Act 2002, this policy sets out the framework for dealing with complaints against the CEO as a public official.

Complaints Involving Corruption Of The Public Official (252.3 KiB)

Debt General Policy

Provide Council with a debt management strategy based on sound financial management guidelines.
Debt General Policy

Entertainment and Hospitality Expenditure General Policy

Provides clarity as to what is considered reasonable entertainment, why it is important to the role of Council.

Entertainment And Hospitality Expenditure General Policy (112.3 KiB)

Expenses Reimbursement – Councillors Policy

This policy outlines Council’s assessment and interpretation of reasonable expenses which are suitable to be reimbursed to Councillors, on the basis that the expenses were incurred as a direct result of performing the duties of a Councillor and provides a framework for the reimbursement of reasonable expenses as defined in the Local Government Act 2009 (LGA).

Expenses Reimbursement - Councillors Policy (219.7 KiB)

Investigation Policy

The local government must adopt an investigation policy about how it deals with the suspected inappropriate conduct of councillors referred, by the Independent Assessor, to the local government to deal with.

Investigation Policy (230.8 KiB)

Investment General Policy

Outlines Council’s investment policy and guidelines regarding the investment of cash holdings.
Investment General Policy

Procurement Policy

Sets out Council’s policy for the acquisition of goods and services and adherence to sound contracting principles.
Procurement General Policy

Records Management Policy

To provide a framework for the governance of recordkeeping within Council ensuring it is managed in accordance with relevant legislation, policies, standards and guidelines. This relates in particular to the Public Records Act 2022, the Local Government Act 2009 and the Local Government Regulation 2012.
Records Management Policy

Revenue General Policy

Set out the principles used by Council in 2018/19 for the levying of rates and charges, granting concessions for rates and charges, recovering overdue rates and charges and the establishment of cost-recovery methods (fees).
Revenue General Policy

Standing Orders For Council Meetings General Policy

Provides written rules for the orderly conduct of Council Meetings.

Standing Orders For Council Meetings General Policy (213.5 KiB)

Council Policies

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage General Policy

Establishes overarching principles for acquiring and/or resuming land by Council for local government purposes.

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage General Policy (154.5 KiB)

Acquisition/Resumption of Land by Council for Road or Other Purpose General Policy

Establishes overarching principles for acquiring and/or resuming land by Council for local government purposes.

Acquisition Resumption Of Land General Policy (120.8 KiB)

Adornment of Graves General Policy

Specifies the type and quantity of adornments and tributes that can be placed by the public on graves, mausoleums and facilities for the receiving of ashes in Council-operated cemeteries.

Adornment of Graves General Policy (149.2 KiB)

Arts General Policy

This policy provides a framework for Council to support and encourage the arts in the Douglas Shire, creating a healthy, inclusive and vibrant community.

Arts General Policy (106.0 KiB)

Asset and Service Management General Policy

Ensures Council meets a required level of service that is financially sustainable through the creation, acquisition, operation and maintenance, renewal and disposal of assets to provide for present and future customers and communities.

Asset And Service Management General Policy (141.4 KiB)

Asset Capitalisation General Policy

To set thresholds for the capitalisation of non-current assets for Douglas Shire Council.

Asset Capitalisation General Policy (202.2 KiB)

Audit Committee Policy

To provide a framework in which Council’s Audit Committee operates within all the functional areas of Council and meet all legislative requirements.
Audit Committee Policy

Body Worn Cameras Policy

This policy provides guidance on the ethical, lawful and efficient use of body worn cameras and recorded data.
Body Worn Cameras Policy

Caretaker Period Policy

To ensure that Council conducts its business throughout the Caretaker Period in a responsible, transparent and legally compliant manner. Certain restrictions shall apply to Council, Councillors and Council employees in the period leading up to an election.

Caretaker Period Policy (313.3 KiB)

Climate Change (Council Operations) General Policy

To provide the strategic framework for Council to manage its climate change responsibilities by using a combination of climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies.

5.3 Climate Change (Council Operations) General Policy (115.0 KiB)

Code Of Conduct For Councillors General Policy

Details the standard of behaviour expected of Councillors of Douglas Shire Council.

Councillor Code of Conduct (159.2 KiB)

Commercial Filming/Photography General Policy

Allows with Council consent, commercial filming and photography to be carried out on any roads, land, parks or reserves under the control of Council.

Commercial Filming Photography General Policy (155.6 KiB)

Community Engagement General Policy

Provides Council with direction in relation to planning, implementing and evaluating community engagement activities.

Community Engagement General Policy (1) (153.8 KiB)

Concealed Leak Financial Policy

To establish a policy for the provision of financial assistance regarding water consumption charges in cases of proven concealed leakage.

Concealed Leak Financial Policy

Conflicts of Interest for Employees Policy

To ensure conflicts of interests are identified, reported and managed in a way that allows Council to conduct its business with integrity, honesty and fairness. This policy promotes transparency in Council business and ensures employees operate in a way that aligns with the fundamental principles detailed in the Douglas Shire Council Code of Conduct.

Conflicts Of Interest For Employees Policy (281.0 KiB)

Corporate Credit Card Policy

The Corporate Credit Card Policy provides for the purchasing and paying for items of Council expenditure in accordance with Council’s Procurement Policy via Corporate Credit Card.

Corporate Credit Card Policy

Corporate Sustainability General Policy

Embeds environmentally sustainable principles into Council’s operations.

Corporate Sustainability General Policy (105.5 KiB)

Council's Role in Economic Development General Policy

Defines Council’s role in economic development and promotion.

Council's Role In Economic Development General Policy (164.2 KiB)

Councillor Administrative Support Policy

This policy will ensure accountability in respect to the assistance provided to Councillors in carrying out their responsibilities as elected representatives in an open and transparent manner.

Councillor Administrative Support Policy (232.1 KiB)

Councillor Remuneration General Policy

Defines the parameters surrounding the application of Councillor meeting attendance fees as determined by the Local Government Remuneration and Discipline Tribunal.

Councillor Remuneration General Policy (129.4 KiB)

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design General Policy

Promotes design features within new developments and the redevelopment of existing areas, which will enhance the safety from crime for the community, including visitors to the region.

Crime Prevention Through Environmenatal Design General Policy (284.5 KiB)

Daintree Ferry Revenue General Policy

Establishes clear and precise practice regarding the contribution and application of funds for the Daintree Ferry operations.

Daintree Ferry Revenue General Policy (169.5 KiB)

Daintree River Ferry Concessional Travel General Policy

Douglas Shire Council will provide concessional travel upon the Daintree River Ferry to all persons who fulfil the eligibility criteria detailed in this document subject to the terms and conditions for such concessional travel being abided.

Daintree River Ferry Concessional Travel General Policy (182.3 KiB)

Debt Recovery General Policy

Establishes a policy for the recovery of outstanding Rates and Charges and other accounts receivable.

Debt Recovery General Policy (197.0 KiB)

Delegations Register Policy

Establish the framework for making, recording and exercising delegations made pursuant to sections 257, 258 and 259 of the Local Government Act 2009.

Delegations Register Policy (411.1 KiB)

Development Interaction Guidelines General Policy

Provides ethical guidance for Councillors and staff when dealing with parties involved in or associated with a development application.

Development Interaction Guidelines General Policy (158.0 KiB)

Directional Signs General Policy

A policy for directional signs within the Douglas Shire Council Area.

Directional Signs General Policy (114.2 KiB)

Douglas Libraries Internet General Policy

Guides and supports use by patrons of public access computers and internet services.

Douglas Libraries Internet General Policy (162.4 KiB)

Drinking Water Quality General Policy

Establishes a policy for the implementation and maintenance of a Drinking Water Quality Management System that is consistent with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

Drinking Water Quality General Policy (91.7 KiB)

Enterprise Risk Management General Policy

Outlines Council’s commitment to the development and maintenance of an enterprise risk management framework.

Enterprise Risk Management Policy (219.5 KiB)

Equal Employment Opportunity EEO and Workplace Diversity General Policy

Sets standards for Douglas Shire Council regarding Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Workforce Diversity.

Equal Employment Opportunity EEO And Workforce Diversity General Policy (107.0 KiB)

Events General Policy

Provides clear objectives and guidelines for Douglas Shire Council’s role in supporting, facilitating and delivering events across the region.

Events General Policy (182.4 KiB)

Fitness For Work General Policy

Outlines Council’s responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment.

Fitness For Work General Policy (107.6 KiB)

Fraud and Corruption General Policy

Acknowledges Council’s obligations and establishes Council’s commitment to the promotion and proper management of the fraud and corruption management framework.

Fraud And Corruption General Policy (397.9 KiB)

Information Privacy General Policy

Establishes a framework for the responsible collection and handling of personal information by Council.

Information Privacy Policy (164.5 KiB)

Intellectual Property Rights General Policy

Ensures effective management of Council’s Intellectual Property and to support its use for the benefits of the community.

Intellectual Property Rights General Policy (104.1 KiB)

Management of Confidential Information General Policy

Ensures Councillors and Officers of Council understand the requirements for management of all confidential information.

Management Of Confidential Information General Policy (174.8 KiB)

Open Spaces General Policy

To recognise Council’s commitment to achieve a network of diverse, accessible, high quality parks, reserves and recreation facilities that are sustainable, contribute to the attractiveness and vitality of communities, and enhance people’s health and wellbeing by meeting their needs for outdoor recreation in urban settings now and into the future.

Open Spaces General Policy (130.4 KiB)

Principal Place of Residence Policy

This policy is to ensure that Council is consistent and fair in determining the status of ‘Principal Place of Residence’ and the method of allocation of a property to the appropriate Differential Rating Category.

Principal Place of Residence Policy

Public Interest Disclosure General Policy

Defines Council’s obligations and to affirm Council’s commitment to compliance with the Public Interest Disclosure requirements.

Public Interest Disclosure General Policy (554.1 KiB)

Public Liability Insurance for Facilities Hire and Pescribed Activity Approvals Policy

This policy outlines the public liability insurance requirements for Council facilities hire and prescribed activity approval holders during the hire period or the period of currency of any approval.
Public Liability Insurance for Facilities Hire and Prescribed Activity Approvals Policy

Rates Financial Hardship Policy

To establish a policy for the provision of financial assistance regarding rates and charges, to land owners where financial hardship is proven to exist.

Rates Financial Hardship Policy

Rates Incentive for Conservation Policy

The purpose of this policy is to establish the process for affording rates incentives to landholders that enter into a Conservation Agreement for a Nature Refuge under the Nature Conservation Act 1992 or a Voluntary Declaration (Vdec) under the Vegetation Management Act 1999.

Rates Incentive For Conservation Policy (199.2 KiB)

Rates Pensioner Remission Policy

To establish a policy for the provision of rates remission to pensioners who reside in the Douglas Shire, are eligible for the State Government pension remission and who apply for the Council Pensioner Rate remission in accordance with the Local Government Regulation 2012.

Rates Pensioner remission Policy

Rates Rebate – Not for Profit Entities Policy

To establish a policy for the provision of rates based financial assistance to not for profit recreation, sporting and community groups.

Rates Rebate Not For Profit Entities Policy (247.9 KiB)

Rates Rebate for Permits to Occupy Land on Daintree River Policy

The purpose of this policy is to establish the process for the provision of a rates rebate on rateable land on the banks of the South Arm and the Heads of the Daintree River that are occupied by holders of Permits to Occupy (fishing huts) which have been issued by the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy under the Land Act 1994.

Rates Rebate For Permits To Occupy Land On Daintree River Policy (194.5 KiB)

Recycled Water General Policy

Establishes guidelines in relation to the supply and use of recycled water.

Recycled Water General Policy (100.7 KiB)

Related Party General Policy

Establishes a system for identifying and recording related parties and related party relationships and identifying ordinary citizen transactions that will not be disclosed by Council.

Related Party General Policy (228.5 KiB)

Reserves General Policy

Establishes an accounting policy for reserves for Douglas Shire Regional Council in line with Council’s Budget and Operational Plan.
Reserves General Policy

Revaluation of Non-Current Assets General Policy

Defines Douglas Shire Council’s policy in relation to the revaluation of non-current assets.

Revaluation Of Non-Current Assets General Policy (195.4 KiB)

Roadside Vending General Policy

Provides clear objectives and guidelines for the issuing of approvals to carry out Roadside Vending Activities.

Roadside Vending General Policy (227.9 KiB)

Single-Use Plastic Free Policy

This policy recognises Council’s commitment to reduce waste and protect the health of the environment. The intent of this policy is to reduce waste and pollutants generated at the source by avoiding the use of single-use plastic products.

Single-Use Plastic Free Policy (244.3 KiB)

Sewer Construction - Replacement of Trees General Policy

Establishes uniform approach in dealing with claims for compensation for the loss of trees and other flora resulting from construction of sewers.

Sewer Construction - Replacement Of Trees General Policy (86.5 KiB)

Strategic Freehold Land General Policy

Establishes general principles for the strategic acquisition of land and also the disposal of Council freehold land that is surplus to Council’s requirements.

Strategic Freehold Land General Policy (140.1 KiB)

Tenure Policy

To establish a policy which ensures consistency, transparency and equity allocating and managing tenure arrangements for Not-for-profit community groups and commercial organisations over Council owned and controlled land.

Tenure Policy (245.9 KiB)

Trade Waste Environmental Management Plan General Policy

Provide for treatment of biodegradable waste into the sewerage systems such that discharges to receiving waters maintain or enhance receiving water quality.

Trade Waste Environmental Management Plan General Policy (383.4 KiB)

Unreasonable Complainant Conduct Policy

To provide a framework for the responsible management of unreasonable complainant conduct in alignment with the Council’s Unreasonable Complainant Conduct Procedure and current best practices to ensure a fair and consistent approach is applied to interactions with complainants whose conduct is identified as unreasonable as defined.

Unreasonable Complainant Conduct Policy (219.9 KiB)

Vegetation on Council Land General Policy

Provides clear direction regarding vegetation planting, removal and maintenance on Council controlled land.

Vegetation On Council Land General Policy (190.8 KiB)

Water Conservation General Policy

To establish a policy for the adoption of water conservation principles and actions for Douglas Shire Council operational activities, properties and public facilities.

Water Conservation General Policy (107.1 KiB)

Water Meter Installation General Policy

Establishes a policy for the installation of water meters in areas of Council.

Water Meter Installation General Policy (85.8 KiB)

Water Restrictions General Policy

Establishes a policy and approval process for the imposition of water restrictions by Douglas Shire Council Water and Wastewater.

Water Restrictions General Policy (125.0 KiB)

Workplace Health and Safety General Policy

Promotes workplace health and safety within Council and to provide a safe workplace.

Workplace Health And Safety General Policy (125.4 KiB)

Media Policy

At Douglas Shire Council we value the role print, broadcast and digital media play in sharing news of events, activities and milestones. This policy confirms our ongoing commitment to provide timely, accurate, relevant and consistent information to the community through positive working relationships with media organisations and via Council’s media channels.

Media Relations Policy (294.5 KiB)

Administrative Policies

Security - Council Buildings and Depots General Policy

Minimises person induced risks to public order, community safety and security in any of Council Administration Buildings and Depots.

Security - Council Buildings And Depots General Policy (132.1 KiB)