Transfer Stations Overview

Transfer Stations are not a landfill or dump.  They are designed to receive and temporarily store self-hauled waste and recycling.  Council operates four Transfer Stations, Killaloe Transfer Station is the largest and can accept a wide variety of items.

Each Transfer Station accepts different waste types:

For further information on all Waste Transfer Stations please call (07) 4099 9444.

Locations and Regular Trading Hours

Fees and Charges (Tip Fees)

The full fees and charges can be found within Council’s Schedule of Fees and Charges under the ‘Waste & Recycling’ heading.


Waste Tipping Accounts for Commercial Customers

Waste tipping accounts can be created for Commercial Customers at Killaloe Transfer Station only.  Account holders will be invoiced monthly and payment must be made 30 days from the date of invoice.

Requests can be made by completing the RM05-Tipping Account Application Form-Credit Account form.

Once the request has been received, Council will undertake a credit check before activating the account at the Killaloe Weighbridge.

You can only use an Account if the registration number of your vehicle has been linked to the account.

To add a vehicle registration number to the account please complete RM04-Update Credit Account Details form.

Please allow up to 48 hours for a vehicle to be added or removed from your account at the Killaloe Weighbridge.

To cancel an account or remove an authorised vehicle please email

COVID-19 Advice

Social distancing measures are currently in force at all Council Transfer Stations:

  • Maximum of two vehicles per unloading area are permitted at any one time.
  • Users must maintain a physical distance of 1.5 meters from other users and staff.
  • Users must abide by the Site Supervisor’s instructions at all times.
  • Payment via EFT or account is preferred at Killaloe Transfer Station.

The average Transfer Station run may take longer than usual, Council asks that customers remain patient as measures are in place to protect everyone.

Information on Special Waste Types


Killaloe Transfer Station accepts domestic (less than 175kg) and commercial quantities of asbestos waste by appointment only.

Asbestos is a regulated waste type and has strict transport, handling and receivable procedures.

As specified by law, asbestos must be labelled, double-wrapped in 0.2mm thick plastic bags or sheeting and sealed with tape to prevent dust from escaping.

Please call the Killaloe Weighbridge on (07) 4098 4904 to make an appointment for asbestos removal.

Further information about asbestos regulations can be found on the Queensland Government website.

Car bodies

Car bodies are accepted at Killaloe, Newell and Cow Bay Transfer Stations.

The car body can include 4 attached tyres, doors, seats and engine.  No other waste can be inside the vehicle.

The vehicle should be drained of all oil and fuel and the battery should be taken out.

If the car has been fitted with an autogas tank (LPG), this must be removed.

Council does not provide a collection service for car disposal, please contact a local towing contractor.

Chemical drums (drumMUSTER)

Council participates in the drumMUSTER stewardship scheme to safely dispose of used farm chemical containers.

Containers must display the eligible drumMUSTER logo.

Drums are only accepted at Killaloe Transfer Station and require an appointment.  Please phone ahead by contacting the Killaloe Weighbridge on (07) 4098 4904.

Drums must be emptied and triple rinsed as per the drumMUSTER requirements.

For further information see the FLYER or visit the drumMUSTER website.

E-waste (electronic waste)

E-waste has many components that can be recycled, including precious metals, plastics and glass.

E-waste is accepted at all of Council’s Transfer Stations under the E-Waste Recycling Australia stewardship scheme.

Acceptable items include:

  • All types of TVs
  • Computers & tablets
  • Printers, faxes, scanners and multi-functional devices
  • Computer accessories.

For further information please visit the E-Waste Recycling Australia website.

Fertiliser Bags (Farm Waste Recovery)

Council participates in the Farm Waste Recovery scheme to safely dispose of used agricultural fertiliser bags.

Fertiliser bags are only accepted at Killaloe Transfer Station and require an appointment.  Please phone ahead by contacting the Killaloe Weighbridge on (07) 4098 4904.

Fertiliser bags must be presented in line with the Farm Waste Recovery drop off instructions, this includes rolling the bags.

For further information please visit the Farm Waste Recovery website.

Green waste

Green waste includes palm fronds, branches and garden clippings.  It must be clean and separated from other waste types.

Accepted at Killaloe, Newell and Daintree Transfer Stations.

Green waste from electric ant areas is accepted but must be declared to Transfer Station staff.

Green waste from declared weed areas are not accepted.

Mulch (for sale)

Mulch is available for sale at Killaloe and Newell Transfer Station periodically throughout the year.

Mulch is not always available so please call the Killaloe Weighbridge on (07) 4098 4904 or speak to the Newel Transfer Station attendant to confirm availability.

Loading of mulch is free of charge at Killaloe Transfer Station on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9am and 4pm.  Self-loading is available during normal operating hours on any day at Killaloe and Newell Transfer Stations.