Transfer stations

Transfer Stations are not a landfill or dump. They are designed to receive local residents’ domestic self-hauled waste and recycling which can be separated into various waste streams for transfer to recycling facilities or for disposal. Each Transfer Station accepts different waste types, so it is important to check which Stations will accept your items.

Social distancing measures are currently in force at all Council Transfer Stations to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Council advise that the average transfer station run may take longer than usual and is asking that people remain patient as measures are in place to protect everyone.

Social distancing measures include:

  • Maximum of two vehicles per unloading area are permitted at any one time.
  • Users of the Transfer Stations must maintain a physical distance of at least 1.5 metres from other users and abide by the Site Supervisor’s instructions at all times.
  • Payment via EFT or account preferred at Killaloe Transfer Station.

The situation is continually being reviewed and may change as a result of advice issued by the Chief Health Officer.

For further information on all Waste Transfer Stations please call (07) 4099 9444.

Christmas 2020 Trading Hours:

Killaloe – Closed Christmas Day. Open all other days, and regular trading hours apply.

Newell – Open Saturday 26th December 8am – 11.45am. Closed all other public holidays.

Daintree – Open Saturday 26th December 1pm – 4.45pm. Closed all other public holidays.

Cow Bay – Open Saturday 26th December 8am – 11.45am. Closed all other public holidays.

Regular Trading Hours & Waste Acceptance at Transfer Stations:

Advanced Resource Recovery Facility

General waste collected via kerbside collection is taken to the Advanced Resource Recovery Facility, operated by SUEZ at Portsmith, Cairns, where it is processed into compost. Any residual waste (non-organic waste that cannot be processed) is transported to landfill on the Atherton Tablelands.
For further information please visit SUEZ.


Killaloe Transfer Station accepts domestic (less than 175kg) and commercial quantities of asbestos waste by appointment only.

Asbestos is a regulated waste type and therefore has strict transport, handling and receivable procedures. For further information please view the Queensland Government website on asbestos waste obligations.

As specified by law, asbestos waste must be labelled, double-wrapped in 0.2mm thick plastic bags or sheeting and sealed with tape to prevent dust from escaping. Please call the Killaloe Weighbridge on (07) 4098 4904 to make an appointment for asbestos disposal.

Car bodies

Car bodies are accepted at Killaloe, Newell Beach and Cow Bay Transfer Stations.

All wheels and tyres should be on the car (spare can be put inside the vehicle). All doors, seats, engine parts, engine or boot covers, which are part of the vehicle, can be put inside the vehicle.

No other waste should be inside the vehicle and if the vehicle has an auto gas tank, this must be removed. The vehicle should be drained of all oil and fuel and have the battery taken out.

Douglas Shire Council does not provide a collection service for car disposal. Local towing contractors can be found in the Yellow Pages.

Chemical drums (drumMUSTER)

Douglas Shire Council has joined forces with drumMUSTER to provide a way to safely dispose used chemical containers.

Chemical drums are only accepted at Killaloe Transfer Station and require an appointment. Please phone ahead to ensure an inspector is present to receive the drums, Killaloe Transfer Station (07) 4098 4904.

Drums must be emptied and triple rinsed as per drumMUSTER requirements. The drum must pass inspection upon entry into the transfer station and the drum must have the eligible drumMUSTER container logo on it.

For further information please visit drumMUSTER.

Clean Fill

Clean fill is accepted by prior arrangement only. Clean fill is clean earth which is not contaminated with waste or a hazardous contaminant.

Earth with small rocks (<100mm) is considered clean fill, however if it has rubbish, vegetation or any other contamination it is considered mixed waste and will be charged at the applicable disposal rate.

Transporters must have an account to deliver this material to Killaloe, or be prepared to make payment based on the mixed waste rate until the material is confirmed to be clean fill on site in which case a refund will be given.

Determination of the material type is at the discretion of the site supervisor or the Manager Environment & Planning.

Commercial waste disposal accounts

Commercial waste accounts are only available at Killaloe Transfer Station. Commercial account holders have the transactions saved into the system under their account; they are then invoiced monthly for the waste that they have disposed of.

Once the request form has been completed and sent back to Council a credit check will be performed and the new account will be added to the Killaloe Weighbridge upon approval.  Terms are strictly 30 days from the date of invoice.

Please complete the Credit Application Form for a new account at Killaloe or find the form under Waste and Recycling Forms.

Container Refund Scheme

The Container Refund Scheme (CRS) commenced in Queensland on 1 November 2018. The CRS is expected to reduce the amount of beverage container litter in the environment by providing an incentive to collect and return eligible containers for recycling. For more information on the CRS, including details on the eligible containers, refund points and information for community groups, please click here.

Please contact COEX at for information.

E-waste (electronic waste)

E-waste has many parts that can be recycled including plastics, glass and precious metals such as gold and platinum.

Television and computer products can be delivered to Killaloe Transfer Station free of charge for recycling as part of the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme, items accepted under the scheme include:

  • Televisions & Monitors (all types);
  • Computers (laptops, desktops, notebooks, iPads, tablets, gaming consoles, servers etc);
  • Computers accessories including: network devices, hard drives, cables, CD/DVD Drives; and
  • Keyboards/Mice, iPods, Multi-media speakers, power supplies, UPS, printed circuit boards, printers, scanners and multi-functional devices.

Other E-waste is also accepted at Killaloe Transfer Station, these items must be separated from the television and computer products.

Information on recycling of mobile phones can be viewed on the Mobile Muster website.

Fertiliser Bags (Farm Waste Recovery)

Douglas Shire Council has joined forces with Farm Waste Recovery to provide a way to safely dispose of used agricultural fertiliser bags.

Agricultural fertiliser bags are only accepted at Killaloe Transfer Station and require an appointment. Please phone ahead to ensure an inspector is present to receive the bags – Killaloe Transfer Station (07) 4098 4904.

Bags are accepted as per the drop off instructions. The bags must pass inspection upon entry into the transfer station and the bags must be eligible under the Farm Waste Recovery program.

For further information please visit farm waste recovery website.  A full list of Queensland Collection sites is also available, here.

Green waste

Council encourages separation of clean green waste materials such as palm fronds, branches and garden clippings so that they can be stockpiled ready for mulching.

Green waste is accepted at Killaloe and Newell Beach Transfer Stations. Mulch is available for sale to the public periodically throughout the year. Please phone ahead to check availability.

Loading of mulch is free of charge at Killaloe Transfer Station on Tuesdays and Thursday between 9am and 4pm. Self-loading is available during operating hours on any day at Killaloe and Newell Beach.

Scrap Shack

The Scrap Shack will re-open on Saturday 14 November 2020

The Scrap Shack is Council’s ‘give-back’ shop and was officially opened on 9 June 2016. Council conducted a ‘name our recycle shop’ competition before settling on the name, which was won by local resident Brydie Maro. Contractor Don Groves then did a sensational job building our Scrap Shack sign from items which would have otherwise ended up in landfill.

Opening Hours:

10am – 4pm – Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Pick Ups:

Items in Scrap Shack are currently free, but this is subject to change.  Pick ups are only available during Scrap Shack opening hours.

Drop Offs:

Items for Scrap Shack must be in good condition.  Items should be dropped off at the top of the disposal bays, next to the oil shed.  Drop offs can be accepted at any time during Killaloe’s opening hours.

Vehicles dropping off or picking up Scrap Shack items may be required to drive over the weighbridge for waste tracking purposes.

An image guide to Recycling 

Click here to view Council’s image guide to knowing your recycling.