How soon should a funeral be arranged and how is this organised? Arrangements through a funeral director will need to be organised.  Discuss with them how soon you wish the service to take place, whom you wish to officiate at the service, the type of service you wish to have, the burial option you wish to have.  Your funeral director will make these arrangements on your behalf.

What service does Council provide? A funeral director makes arrangements with Council cemetery staff to use a new grave site, or to re-use an existing site and issues a licence.  Council keeps records of the site number, name of deceased, age of deceased etc. Council cemetery attendants dig the grave and arrange for facilities to be available at the funeral service such as grave lowering machine, shelter, lectern, chairs etc. Council approves headstones/monuments/plaques for consistency purposes.

Do I need to phone Council to arrange anything? No you don’t have to phone Council to arrange anything, your funeral director should organise everything for you.

I want to visit a family member or friend at a cemetery how can I find them? To find the location of grave sites please call Council on 4099 9444.

Who organises the plaques/headstones/monuments/bases? Your funeral director can organise this for you, or alternatively you may want to get quotes from monumental masons.

What facilities are provided for a funeral service? Council provides a temporary shelter over the gravesite, chairs, lowering machine and lectern.  Your funeral director can organise a celebrant and other religious services.

Does Council organise cremations? No.  You’ll need to speak to your funeral director or a local crematorium.

When is the headstone/plaque/monument/base installed? It usually takes 3-5 weeks after a funeral as some manufacturing takes place interstate, but could be longer depending on section and cemetery.

Can existing graves be added to? Yes.  To find out if you can add to an existing site, please speak to your funeral director.

Can I put a new plaque/headstone/monument on an old grave? Yes.  Please speak to a monumental mason to arrange manufacture and installation and notify Council of your intentions.

Who is responsible for maintenance of the tiles/granite etc? Whilst Council staff endeavour to maintain the cemeteries to the highest possible standards, the families are responsible for repairs to tiles and granite cracks from wear and tear over time.

Can I leave personal mementos (tributes) or decorations (adornments) on graves?

Council has a detailed policy regarding the placement of tributes or adornments on graves which is designed to ensure the general public can visit the cemeteries and enjoy a safe, tidy and well-maintained environment for peaceful reflection. The Adornment of Graves General Policy is available, here. Note that the sections within each cemetery (ie Monumental, Lawn Plaque etc) have different specifications for placement of adornments and installation of monuments.

How do I reserve a gravesite in the cemetery?

Please visit Council’s Mossman office where you can view the maps of the Port Douglas and Mossman Cemeteries to choose an appropriate site. Your chosen site will be tentatively reserved for a period of three (3) months. Should you wish to permanently reserve the site, a completed application form together with full payment, should be lodged with Council prior to the expiry of the tentative reservation period.