Council’s contribution to activities in Douglas must fit into at least one of the criteria listed in the roles continuum (tabled below).

Information Provider/ Promoter Providing information on, or strategically promoting, community services, opportunities, events, people and places.
Advocate Making representations on behalf of the community and seeking support from others who are able to apply influence to an issue, or funding/ investments/ resources to a service, project or program.
Facilitator/ Initiator Bringing together or connecting stakeholders to pursue an issue, opportunity or shared interest or service and determine appropriate action.
Agent Providing a service on behalf of, and funded by, others that involves hosting or other in-kind use of council resources.
Part Funder Contributing minority/ part resourcing to a service for which others have responsibility.
Direct Service Provider Responsible for and providing full or majority or resources for a service, eg road maintenance.
Regulator Required by legislation to provide a specific service. Eg development policy and assessment.
Owner/ Custodian Owning or managing infrastructure, facilities, reserves and natural areas. This is a supporting role to ‘Service Provider’ and will appear together with one of these provider roles, and has particular public liability responsibilities.