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Join Marcela Fischer, the Multicultural Advisor from the Peninsula region, to learn the value of Communicating Across Cultures and discuss relevant strategies that map to the Aged Care Quality Standards.

Mossman Session 
Thursday 5 May | 9.30am to 12.30pm
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Workshop Objectives:

  • Explore the meaning of culture and how it affects our perceptions and communication
  • Discuss the meaning of culturally inclusive services and its benefits
  • Review the impact of cultural differences on service provision and explore strategies to review workplace practices and embeds the Quality Aged Care Standards
  • Review the impact of verbal and non-verbal communication across cultures and provide strategies for effective cross-cultural communication with a focus on the Quality Aged Care Standards
  • Explore resources to assist in the delivery of culturally Inclusive services

View the Communicating Across Cultures flyer here

Presented by: Marcela Fischer, Multicultural Advisor – Multicultural Advisory Service (MAS) Diversicare

Marcela is the Diversicare’s Multicultural Advisory Service Cairns representative and has been working for the Diversicare Multicultural Advisory Service since 2011.

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