The Douglas region is a spectacular location for photography and filming movies, documentaries, television programs and commercials. Renowned internationally as one of the only places on earth where two World Heritage areas meet – the Great Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropics Rainforest – our region offers spectacular, diverse and accessible locations, supported by world-class infrastructure and services.


Filming permits and policies

 Douglas Shire Council strongly supports filming, and is committed to promoting and facilitating greater access to our region’s locations.  Our permit process and policies are designed to facilitate and promote commercial filming activity in Douglas, or contact Council via email


Applying to film

Council’s permit process and policies support commercial filming and photography activity.

Your first step to filming in our region is to complete an application form.  This application helps us assist you with the right information and resources to support you, when and where required.

Council will be your first point of contact should you require exclusive use of any Council-controlled public open space, footpaths or roads.  Our officers will assist you in liaising with Council departments and other government agencies, as well as providing local know-how and community contacts.

If you wish to film or conduct commercial filming related activities on Council controlled public open space, footpaths or roads, you need to seek prior Council approval and complete an application form.

Filming/photography will only be allowed after you have complied with the application process and Council has issued a permit. Applications are to be submitted to Council at least 7 days (non-exclusive) or 14 days (exclusive) prior to commencement of shooting. Fees and supporting information requirements are listed on the application form.

If you are considering a major production, we invite you contact our Council on (07) 4099 9444 well in advance to discuss your needs and requirements, to ensure we can provide a high level of service to support your project.

You may also need to apply to other managing authorities to film in locations that are not under Council’s control.