Council’s Environmental Health Unit oversees relevant health standards and legislation, and is committed to a safer, healthier future for our residents and visitors.

Environmental Health functions cover:

  • Health promotion and education.
  • Monitoring standards in accommodation, food industry, tattooing, body piercing and public facilities.
  • Guidance on public health issues including vermin (rats and mice).
  • Mosquito and Vector Control.
  • Public health surveillance.
  • Disaster management assistance.

Environmental Health Officers work with the local food industry to maintain the highest standards.  These include:

  • Advice on food safety standards.
  • Guidance on compliance with food hygiene requirements.
  • Monitoring food businesses.
  • Free online Food Safety Training
  • Co-operating with the food industry to improve standards.
  • Providing multi-language food hygiene information.
  • Providing education programs for schools.
  • Advice on Food Safety for community and charity groups.


Relevant legislation

  • Public Health Act 2005
  • Public Health (Infection Control for Personal Appearance Services) Act 2003
  • Health Act 1937
  • Health Regulations 1996
  • Food Act 2006
  • Local Laws 6,10 & 20

More information can be obtained from the Queensland Legislation website