Douglas Shire Council is required by law to levy a general rate or differential general rate each year. Council levies and collects rates to raise revenue for the provision of essential services and infrastructure to the community. These services include but are not limited to roads, drainage, water and sewerage infrastructure, waste collection facilities and public facilities such as parks and libraries.
Each year as part of the budget process, Council determines the rates and charges for the financial year.

How Douglas Shire Council controls rates

Council carries out the following processes to help determine what level of rates to charge:

  • evaluate and determine the range of services it needs to support the community and to ensure the long term financial sustainability of Council operations;
  • determine the funding required to provide services and infrastructure;
  • establish the quantum of funding it can expect to receive from the federal and state governments and other income sources;
  • determine the level of funding required from rates and charges to cover the balance of expenditures; and
  • decide on the best mix of rates and charges to provide services to the community.

If you own land, are the lessee of State owned land, or the holder of Mining Leases or Claims, you are liable for the payment of rates.

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