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Craiglie Reservoir will undergo a major upgrade involving new roofing system that features new columns, rafters, purlins and roof sheeting. It will also receive a new internal painting system and new chlorination piping.

In 2018, Council completed an audit of the reservoir and made an assessment that the reservoir needed to be upgraded. Council hopes to gain another 40 years life on the asset.

Cost of Project

Council secured a 60% contribution in total project cost under 2019-2021 Local Government Grants and Subsidy Program (LGGSP).

Estimated construction costs are $2.1 million

Project Updates


Project Works completed – New Actuator Valves been ordered.

JULY, 2020

Chlorination pipework has now been completed as has the internal steel and roof. Painting is due to commence in August with project completion scheduled for November 2020.


Internal steel and roofing works completed, with minor external works pending.

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