Planning Schemes are dynamic documents that provide a tool to manage growth and change in the local government area. Ensuring the Planning Schemes remain a leading and modern planning tool, amendments are used to make changes where required.

Draft Amendments on Public Display
Council is required to notify the public of any proposed amendments. There are currently no amendments being processed for the Douglas Shire Planning Scheme.

Draft Amendments Pending Approval
There are currently no draft amendments pending approval for the Douglas Shire Planning Scheme.

Douglas Shire Planning Scheme Approved Amendments
Approved planning scheme amendments for the Douglas Planning Scheme.

Commencement: 11 January 2013

2010 No4 Short term letting of a house Amendment (11.2 KB)

Commencement 8 December 2010

2010 No.1 Port Douglas Waterfront Amendment (2.6 MB)

Commencement: 9 September 2011


Douglas Shire Planning Scheme Amendment - Vegetation Management 2012
262.9 KiB