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Douglas Shire Council has signed up to be a Reef Guardian and hopes to lead the nation in driving local action to support a healthier Great Barrier Reef.
Last week the Council re-committed to the Reef Guardian program, a partnership with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

Mayor Michael Kerr said the Council took the Reef Guardian role very seriously.
“Our community has a passionate and very strong connection with the Great Barrier Reef,” Mayor Kerr said.
“Perhaps more than anywhere else in Australia, the Reef is a fundamental part of our identity. And when the Reef is in trouble, we really feel it.
“We aim to lead by example and inspire others across Australia and the world to take action to help the Reef.”

Council is planning a range of Reef Guardian activities over the next four-year term, including developing a recreational fishing strategy and supporting the creation of the world’s largest living coral biobank.

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority’s Assistant Director for Regional Engagement Doon McColl said the Douglas shire had an important role to play as a Reef champion and leader of change.
“The Douglas shire residents are already national leaders in terms of their environmental sustainability.
“With the rise of global social movements and digital media, we have seen that local action can really move the world.

“We hope the Reef Guardian program will help to spread the message that people taking action now – however small – will help the Reef. This is a mission for everyone, everywhere.
“It’s a very important and powerful message to send to the rest of the Australia and to the world.”
More information on the Reef Guardian Council program can be found on the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority website.

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