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Council crews have been luring electric ants at the Killaloe Transfer Station for the past few days.

This is to prepare for green waste piles to be turned into mulch.

To attract the ants, they used hotdog sausage lures that are attached to pink taped wooden skewers.

Regular surveillance for electric ants is vital to prevent the spread of this serious pest.

First detected in Cairns in 2006, electric ants are one of the world’s most invasive pests.

They affect human health and lifestyle, can blind pets, damage the environment, and have the potential to severely affect agricultural industries.

For more information or to report suspect ants visit or call Biosecurity Queensland on 13 25 23.

What are these ants?

Native to Central and South America, electric ants are tiny and golden-brown. Electric ants prey on and compete with other insects and can displace large numbers of native animals, ants and other insects. They can also inflict painful stings on wild and domestic animals and on humans.

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