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Wheelie bin pick up days will change for some Douglas Shire residents from 11 January 2021.

The changes will improve efficiencies of truck routes and accommodate service growth areas.

About 1200 residents will be impacted across the following main localities:

    1. Forest Creek
    2. Daintree Village/Lower Daintree
    3. Cooya Beach
    4. South Mossman – areas south of Parker Creek
    5. Shannonvale
    6. Port Douglas Reef Park
    7. North Craiglie

Select properties across the Shire will also be impacted.

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Check your new bin day below! 

New bin days apply from 11 January 2021, up until this date please present your bin on your normal day. There are no changes to Port Douglas Commercial customers, unless the property is located in the Reef Park area.

General waste is collected weekly and recycling is collected fortnightly, usually on the same day.

Week numbers relate to the relevant recycling fortnight:

  • Recycling Week 1 – fortnightly commencing 11 January 2021 on the specified day.
  • Recycling Week 2 – fortnightly commencing 18 January 2021 on the specified day.


CAPE TRIBULATION Eligible opt-in Commercial properties north of Forest Creek to Cape Tribulation Monday Week 2
FOREST CREEK All eligible areas Monday Week 2
WONGA BEACH Mossman Daintree Road north of Vixies Road, not including Vixies Road Monday Week 2
Vixies Road & South Arm Drive Thursday Week 1
ROCKY POINT Majority of areas Thursday Week 1
Properties accessed via Bamboo Creek Road Wednesday Week 2
BAMBOO All areas Wednesday Week 2
MIALLO Majority of areas Wednesday Week 2
Scomazzon Road Tuesday Week 2
SOMMERSET All areas Wednesday Week 2
FINLAYVALE All areas Tuesday Week 2
COOYA BEACH All areas Friday Week 2
BONNIE DOON Areas south of Santarossa Road, includes Santarossa Road. Thursday Week 2
New Cooya Friday Week 2
MOSSMAN Areas north of Parker Creek to Scomazzon Road

·         Includes Daintree Horizons, Coral Sea Drive, Finlayvale Road & Scomazzon Road.

Tuesday Week 2
Areas south of Parker Creek (creek near Mossman Motel Holiday Villas/White Cockatoo)

·         Includes Shepard Valley.

Friday Week 2
MOSSMAN GORGE All areas Tuesday Week 2
KILLALOE All areas Thursday Week 2
PORT DOUGLAS Areas north of Barrier Street Roundabout and including town centre.

·         Does not include Barrier Street, Bale Drive,

St. Crispins Avenue and Endeavour Street areas.

Tuesday Week 1
Areas south of Barrier Street Roundabout, including Barrier Street & Bale Drive and Four Mile & Port Gardens.

·         Does not include Tropic Court.

·         Does not include Agincourt Street, St. Crispins Avenue and Endeavour Street Area (Reef Park).

Wednesday Week 1
Agincourt Street, St Crispins Avenue & Endeavour Street Areas (Reef Park) Friday Week 1
Tropic Court

·         Recycling: Tuesday Week 1

·         General Waste: Wednesday Week 1

Tuesday Week 1

Wednesday Week 1

CRAIGLIE Areas north of Ferrero Road

·         Includes Ferrero Road, Crees Road, Heritage Lane & Captain Cook Highway.

Thursday Week 2
Port Gardens, Old Port Douglas Road & Nautilus Street

·         Includes Fairway Drive, Mitre Street, Martin Scullett Drive & Yiki Street.

Wednesday Week 1
Areas south of Old Port Douglas Road and Ramsay Road

·         Includes Port Pacific Estate, the Industrial Estate & Dickson Street.

·         Does not include Old Port Douglas Road.

Friday Week 1
MOWBRAY All areas Friday Week 1
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