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New Developments For Resort Town

HOSPITALITY and tourism workers will have a new place to stay in Port Douglas when a local hostel is upgraded.

Douglas Shire Council approved a development application to replace a hostel with a new double storey building featuring more individual rooms and privacy to guests.

The land is located on Port Street and is within an easy walking and cycling distance to the town centre.

Four Mile Beach

Douglas Shire Mayor Michael Kerr said once built, the development would be a much-needed boost for local workers in years to come.

“More developments like this will help our tourism and hospitality sector find a place for staff to stay in future peak tourist seasons,” he said.

“Council is aware, that like most of regional Australia, housing availability and staff shortages are an issue right now for our community.

“Fortunately, we are seeing some movement through further progress on housing estates such as Daintree Horizons in Mossman, Ocean Breeze Estate in Cooya Beach and Newport Estate at Craiglie.”

Councillors also approved two other developments on Murphy Street, including a new high-end unit development.

A three-storey house featuring an extensive landscaping plan was also approved, with both developments representing satisfactory outcomes.

A residential housing needs analysis is also underway to assess the current and future housing need.

Please visit the below links to view the Council reports.

From Flush to Farms: Contract to re-use sewage on FNQ agricultural properties

A NEW three-year contract will help Douglas Shire Council re-use organic sludge to fertilize farms across Far North Queensland.

Councillors today resolved to enter into a contract with Arkwood (Gloucester) Pty Ltd for the removal and re-use of biosolids.

Council employs a range of wastewater treatment processes to remove solid waste from the wastewater so it can be safely reused or returned to the environment.

The biosolids are re-used at several farms across the region including in Cairns, Mareeba, Warrami and Innot Hot Springs.

In the 2021/22 financial year, 1753 wet tonnes of dewatered sludge were taken by contractors to be used as organic fertiliser and soil conditioner across farms.

Please read the full council report here.

Whyanbeel contractor to complete landfill capping

A LOCAL contractor was awarded a tender to complete the final layer of capping of the landfill site at Killaloe Waste Transfer Station.

Douglas Shire Council today voted to $601,344.73 contract to Whyanbeel-based business, Marrin Pty Ltd.

Landfill capping requires strict environmental controls and involves placing a cover over landfill waste.

The project requires experience to handle cartage logistics and earthworks activities.

The submission was detailed and provides an opportunity for a local contractor to expand their project experience with the Douglas Shire Council.

Please read the full council report here 


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