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Radar equipment – which would look more at home on the moon’s surface rather than in the Daintree – is making a vital stretch of Cape Tribulation Road safer and more accessible for motorists.

The GroundProbe radar will provide 24/7 live monitoring of the slip face at Noah Range and will alert Council to any movements of the mass that has yet to come down.

The detection technology is used by Rio Tinto and other mining companies.

Douglas Shire Mayor Lisa Scomazzon said Noah Range is now open until midnight each day.

“The safety of the local community, tourists and Council staff has been our priority since recovery works began on Noah Range,” Mayor Scomazzon said.

“This technology has given Council confidence to extend access hours – the radar’s live monitoring means we can monitor any movement at the slip face  late at night outside of daylight hours.”

Council is working with engineers and the Queensland Reconstruction Authority on the final rectification works at Noah Range.

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