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The Douglas Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) is encouraging residents in low-lying areas to take precautions ahead of the king tides in February and March.

The king tides are predicted at various stages in the next two months from Tuesday next week (February 9).

The LDMG recommends that residents in areas that are prone to minor flooding during the tides move valuables and their cars to protect them from the saltwater.

Low lying areas, particularly around Mowbray Street in Port Douglas, may be impacted.

The tides forecast for the king tides is below:

9 FEBRUARY 0808 3.10m
10 FEBRUARY 0843 3.17m
11 FEBRUARY 0917 3.15m
12 FEBRUARY 0948 3.07m
26 FEBRUARY 0842 3.11m
27 FEBRUARY 0915 3.16m
28 FEBRUARY 0949 3.13m
01 MARCH 1024 3.00m
09 MARCH 0717 3.01m
10 MARCH 0751 3.09m
11 MARCH 0822 3.09m
12 MARCH 0850 3.04m
26 MARCH 0739 3.05m
27 MARCH 0810 3.16m
28 MARCH 0844 3.19m
29 MARCH 0918 3.11m


For a full tide chart please visit here or the Douglas Dashboard.

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