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MOTORISTS are set for a smoother ride on Douglas Shire roads thanks to a million-dollar investment in road resealing announced in the 2019-20 Annual Budget.

Douglas Shire Council has announced a $1.05 million road reseal program under a $5.6 million civil works program that will drive improvements on the region’s road network

The program features numerous projects for Mossman and the Daintree area, such as an engineering assessment of the road and slope stability of the Alexandra Range and $450,000 culvert at Tara Hills Rd in Mossman.



Douglas Shire Mayor Julia Leu said a large investment was aimed at maintaining access for the region’s rural communities.

“Our recent community consultation for the Corporate Plan revealed that the condition of our roads was a top priority for our residents,” she said.

“Council is continuing to fund these essential services and ensure our road networks can support the day-to-day lives of residents, businesses and visitors.

“Our region needs a decent road network to support different users across a variety of industries, especially agriculture and tourism.

“For example, we have trucks carting sugar cane and cattle, as well as tour buses and many self-drive tourists travelling vast distances every week.”

Council will spend $200,000 on renewing the drainage network and $100,000 on renewing the kerb and channels across the region.

Engineers will also complete an expert assessment of the road and slope stability of the Alexandra Range.

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