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Council received fundingunder the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure program to replace the unsafe pedestrian bridge at Sagiba Avenue, Port Douglas.

The new 20-meter, composite bridge was transported from the design-and-build contractor to the Mossman Depot. After foundations were prepared, the bridge was transported and lowered it into its new location.

The new bridge has a composite structure and is uniquely suited to withstand the harshest environments, whilst providing little maintenance for the next 80 years.

Materials used are perfect for coastal, marine and environmentally sensitive areas.  The new pedestrian bridge is a significant life-long asset to our community.

Cost of Project


All replaced concrete from this project has been stockpiled at Council’s re-usable/recycle facility at Drumsara to be crushed and used for other projects.


For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Council on 4099 9444 or

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