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The CREB Track is currently CLOSED

At this stage CREB track will be closed until after the completion of the Emergent Repairs post Tropical Cyclone Jasper .

Council contractors are currently undertaking inspections/repairs along the CREB track and unfortunately no access will be permitted to the public during this time as a matter of safety.

It is unclear when the track will be open, however Council would encourage you to stay in contact in regard to the progress of the works.

The 71km CREB Track is a renowned off-road adventure trail which starts just North of the Daintree Village. It is located in the World Heritage listed Wet Tropics of Queensland, a region known for its exceptional biodiversity. It’s considered one of the most challenging and picturesque 4×4 tracks in the country. The name “CREB” stands for Cairns Regional Electricity Board – track.  It was originally the service track for the old powerline to Cooktown. The track is known for its rugged terrain, river crossings, dense rainforest and stunning natural beauty.

The track is not for the faint of heart. It features steep ascents and descents, tight and narrow sections, rocky paths, and muddy stretches. The terrain can become even more challenging during the wet season when rainfall makes the track slippery and river crossings more treacherous. The CREB Track crosses several creeks and rivers, including the Bloomfield River, Donovan’s Creek, and Roaring Meg Creek. During the wet season, these crossings can become deep and fast-flowing, requiring careful navigation and often making the track impassable.

Track Conditions:

It’s crucial to check road conditions and weather forecasts before embarking on the journey. Given the challenging nature of the track, proper 4×4 vehicles, recovery gear, and adequate preparation are essential. The track has become extremely popular in recent times therefore motorists need to take care and be vigilant for oncoming vehicles. Even after moderate rainfall, the track can become treacherous or impassable with vehicles easily becoming bogged or stranded.

The Local CREB Track conditions Facebook page provides updates on the track and we encourage users to check the page prior to commencing their travels.

Temporary Closures:

Because of the hazardous conditions, Council may temporarily close the track from time to time. Check for closures on this website. We also place highly visible signage on the approaches to the Creb track when closures are in force.  During closures, you should not make any attempt to drive along the track. If you disobey a road sign and drive on the closed road, you risk an on-the-spot fine. If your vehicle gets stuck on the track, search and rescue authorities will respond and assist to extract stranded people, if in an emergency. However, resources will not be expended in attempting to recover your stranded vehicles. You may also be ordered to pay for the costs of recovery activities. Insurances generally don’t cover damages incurred when travelling on a closed road. Road safety is a major consideration in these temporary track closures, but we also aim to minimise environmental damage. Vehicles that become bogged increase the risk of erosion and create extensive damage to the track.

Associated Permits, Approvals & Notices

Roaring Meg Falls (Kija) is a major point of interest on the CREB track.  The land is of important cultural significance to the Eastern Kuku Yalanji (Buru) people.  Out of respect for the Elders and Traditional Owners of Buru (Chinacamp), visitors to the area are asked to contact a representative of the Burungu Aboriginal Corporation prior to accessing the Falls – telephone CJ Fischer (4098 6248).

Do not set up camp on or beside the river, as this is a day-use area for all visitors.

Do not walk on, near or across Roaring Meg Falls. Surfaces are very slippery and severe injury or death may occur.  The top of the Falls is recognised by the Buru people as a women’s site; please respect the signs advising that it is taboo for men to visit the site.

Alcohol limits apply in Wujal Wujal.  Full details of Wujal Wujal alcohol limits are available from the Queensland Government’s Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Services unit or by phoning 13 QGOV (13 74 68).

The CREB Track is a challenging and scenic 4×4 trail that offers adventurers the opportunity to experience the beauty and diversity of the Australian rainforest. It’s a journey that requires careful planning, preparation, and respect for the natural environment and local communities. If we can all play our part and do the right thing, the Creb will be here for the enjoyment of all for generations to come.


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