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A FRESH campaign has been launched by Douglas Shire Council to highlight the Vulnerable Persons Register and encourage those at risk to get on board.

The Register is maintained by Council to assist people with special health needs in times of water supply issues or outages. Through new artwork, digital noticeboards and posters, Council is running a Did you Know? campaign aimed at promoting the existence of the register and garnering community support to encourage those at risk to list their details.

At times when there may be issues with the water supply or outages due to water mains breaks or maintenance, Council works with people on the vulnerable persons register to assist them in maintaining consistent access to water.

Under the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) 2008 Act, Council is required to maintain a register of vulnerable people such as older persons, people with weakened immune systems and those who rely on consistent water supply for serious medical conditions.

Council’s Manager of Water and Wastewater, Peter Tonkes, said the register is vital for helping the community during times of disruption to water supply.

“While we hope not to encounter a serious water supply event, we must be prepared for it, and having details of the most vulnerable members of the community is crucial in our response,” he said.

“In an event of a water supply incident, Council can immediately dispatch portable water supplies to those in need.

“If you are vulnerable because of a serious medical condition or special health need, or you know someone who is, we urge you to get involved, spread the word and register details with us.”

If you, or someone you know, relies on a water supply for machinery that aids their medical condition (e.g. dialysis machine), or who has a condition that can be seriously worsened by a quality water incident, please register with Council by downloading the registration form at the link below, or calling 07 4099 9444 to request a form to be sent to you (registration conditions apply).

*Please note: that all personal information provided by you on the form for the purpose of processing your registration, and the details held on the Vulnerable Persons Register, will be handled in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2009 and will only be accessed and used by persons who have been authorised to do so.

If you would like further information, and to discuss eligibility requirements, please contact Council’s Water and Wastewater staff on 07 4099 9444.

Visit the Water & Wastewater Page Here


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