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WATER SUPPLY UPDATE – as of 10am 24/12

Residents in Mossman, Newell Beach and Cooya Beach are being urged to continue conserving water this morning as flow rates are increased to fill 200 kilometres of pipeline across the region.

This will allow as much supply as possible to be used to charge the full pipeline network

However, ALL residents in affected areas, including Port Douglas, are asked to use water sparingly as the network slowly charges and crews work around the clock to ensure adequate filtration and long term reliability of supply.

Public Health officers are supporting individuals and advising businesses on how to safely manage restricted supply. Businesses currently do not need exemption from Douglas Shire Council under the Level 4 guidelines to open.

Lower Macrossan Street now has some supply back on line.

Bottled water continues to be available at the Port Douglas Community Centre.

Updates will continue throughout the day.

WATER SUPPLY UPDATE – as of 7:45am 24/12/2023

Residents in Port Douglas and surrounding communities please be aware water supply is continuing to be fed through the pipe network at a responsible slow rate.

This is vital to ensure a steady flow and appropriate measures are taken to disinfect water supply. The appropriate pressure is continuing to build in the pipeline network which is currently being fed a supply less than half it’s normal flow rate.

Again we appreciate your patience at this challenging time and urge all residents to use water for the bare essentials.

There will be another update after 9:30 this morning.

WATER SUPPLY UPDATE – as of 5.30pm 23/12/2023

Crews are slowly charging the network throughout Port Douglas.

If you are receiving a water supply we urge you to be mindful and careful how you use it for essential services only for the time being.

Again, we appreciate everyone’s patience and the extraordinary efforts of work crews fixing the network in challenging conditions.

WATER SUPPLY UPDATE – as of 2pm 23/12

Crews are currently working on the burst mains pipe at Crees Creek, north of the Port Douglas roundabout on Port Douglas Road.

Access to the area has now been cleared and works have begun on relining.

We will continue to update you on the crews’ progress and again urge all residents to be mindful and careful of how they use any limited water supplies they have access to.

WATER UPDATE – (as of 10.15am 23/12)

Crews are working tirelessly to get the Shire’s water supply flowing again to Port Douglas and other affected communities.

This is what they’ve been up against.

A burst pipe is the current challenge but authorities are confident this will be fixed and a slow water supply will be coming in the next 12 hours. The supply comes from Mossman which also has an interrupted supply as crews restore the broader network.

PLEASE refer to the level 4 guidelines here on how to use water as it comes through your pipes today. It is imperative everyone respects water is in limited supply for life giving purposes only at this point in time.

Updates will continue throughout the day .

A huge thank you to everyone for your patience. We are mindful so many residents and business operators are doing it tough during these challenging times.

Thank you as well to the amazing people who are working in extreme conditions to restore our water supply, we are so grateful.

The latest update is authorities are aiming to return partial water supply to Port Douglas and Craiglie on Saturday.
However, this is subject to treatment operations, mains breaks and consumption within other parts of the network.
Council crews have been working hard to return normal operations with support from Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water and Queensland Health.
Additional help has been received from engineers to assess damage and issues within the water network.
All water treatment plants are currently operational. However, Mossman and Whyanbeel water treatment plants are still at low production levels due to turbid (murky) source water and air on the raw water line.
These issues are being rectified by scouring the raw water line.
Water has been returned to most areas in Daintree Village, Whyanbeel, Miallo, Bamboo, Rocky Point, Port Douglas Views, Wonga Beach, Mossman, North Mossman, Newell Beach, Cooya Beach and Cassowary.
However, some areas may still experience low water pressure, due to mains breaks and reduced reservoir levels.
We encourage people, who have already had water restored, to use water sparingly.


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