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The smart water meters are industry-proven technology used by numerous councils throughout Queensland. They are a verified water metering device.

They provide daily information on water consumption that can be accessed both by customers and Council. The information has allowed us to provide leak alerts to our community.

Around three thousand leaks have been identified in the customer network and fixed since the introduction of smart meters in 2022, reducing the costs to Council and customers.

We are here to help

Council staff are available to assist with any water enquiries including MiWater registration at Mossman administration building.  If the request is for a technical officer to attend onsite, a fee is applicable.

Residents should e-mail if they have any issues with their bill after they have analysed their usage via MiWater.

Underground water leaks detected by the smart meters have seen some residents experience an unexpected increase in water usage. Residents are reminded that the latest water invoices cover usage from early October when usage was high due to very dry conditions.

Smart water meters are reliable

Since March 2022 we have received 85 smart water meter fault investigation requests from the public. Nine meters were replaced and 17 service repairs were conducted.

A further 13 enquiries are still under investigation.

We currently have 4185 metres across the Shire.

Post TC Jasper

Due to recent disaster events the water network is having to repressurise each time water is returned to the network and this may result in movement of air or water passing through the meter.  ALL water meters are designed to register any pressurised flow through the device.

Water charges for the 2023/24 financial year are $1.70 per kilolitre. We estimate air flow through the device would be significantly less than this figure.

Monitor your water usage

We encourage all residents to register for MiWater …. Water Management – Douglas Shire Council

The online portal allows a customer to track their daily (and even hourly) water usage and costs and advises customers when there’s a leak at their property. As soon as you are registered you are able to view water usage patterns since the smart meter was installed to see unusual spikes in usage.

Below are some of the reports that can be issued by MiWater once you register:

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